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ControlPanel is a system setting addon. It is designed to replace the System Setting.


  1. The Graphics setting in System is bugged currently. Graphics settings auto-set to ultra Has it fixed? I don't know yet.
  2. Different characters might need different profiles.
  3. Many game settings are inaccessible in System Settings.
  4. Alternate graphics settings not only for raids and bgs but for dungeons, main cities, arenas, scenarios as well. You could also set Anti-Aliasing settings for each type of instances.
  5. Display lua errors comes back!
  6. Show the censorship models in China. Undead model with no bones sticking out.
  7. Low CPU and Memory usage
  8. Provide Custom Lag Tolerance Lock setting ATTN: Custom Lag Tolerance was automatically set to 400, Causing input delay

To do:

  1. Auto set your graphics option to lowest when your fps is low.

/cp or /controlpanel or esc-system to open controlpanel options dialog.

ControlPanel APIs

ControlPanel can work without ControlPanel_Options. ControlPanel itself is just a simple CVar manager. If your need ControlPanel to manage your CVars, here are the APIs.

local ControlPanel = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):GetAddon("ControlPanel")

--First you need GetAddon


function ControlPanel:SetCVarInstance(t,key,value)


function ControlPanel:GetCVarInstance(t,key)


function ControlPanel:GetCVarBoolInstance(key)


function ControlPanel:GetCVarNumberInstance(t,key)


function ControlPanel:FireCVarInstance(t,key) My former addon account was suspended. Hope here would be a new home for this addon.


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