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Game Version 9.2.7  
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Supported WoW Retail Versions


  • Classic: Updated for Wrath of the Lich King


  • Retail: Updated for Eternity's End
  • Classic: Fixed bug preventing splitting stacks on guild bank.
  • All: Fixed issue with authenticator extra slots.
  • Retail: Fixed issue with viewing Vulpera's inventory offline.
  • Burning Crusade: Fixed startup issue introduced in the latest patch.
  • Retail: Updated for Shadowlands 9.1.5.
  • All: Removed use of deprecated client APIs.
  • All: Updated italian locales.
  • TBC: Fixed keyring sorting bug.
  • All: Multiple improvements to sort to avoid "Item Cannot go into that Container" errors.
  • All: Changed default engineering bag color to set it further apart from others.
  • TBC: Fixed profession items sorting issue.
  • TBC: Replaced guild bank icon that isn't available in these servers.
  • All: Changed default mining bag color to set it more apart from others.


  • Retail: updated for Chains of Domination
  • All: fixed bug with the addon key bindings (thank you hoshbad)
  • Burning Crusade: now compatible
  • All Classic: fixed keyring sorting issue (thanks to jazminite)
  • All: changed localization for the "Trade" filter (thanks to ork)
  • All: You can now search items by uncollected appearances.
  • All: Equipment set items will be sorted separately from normal equipment.
  • All: Now works with latest version of Pawn addon.
  • Retail: can now sort guild bank tabs.
  • Retail: improved search on unorthodox items (ex: pets).
  • Retail: Added heirloom quality filter.
  • Retail: Made equipment set highlight color more different from heirlooms.
  • Retail: added command-line only option to disable server side sorting for inventory (not release quality).
  • Added Bag Break option (was never implemented).
  • Retail: fixed issue with junk icons.
  • Retail: fixed issue with tooltips in profession window.
  • Fixed issue hiding item slots introduced in Shadowlands.
  • Fixed visual update issue with bank slots after purchase.


  • Updated for Shadowlands.
  • Retail: fixed issue with some allied race icons.
  • Retail: fixed tooltip issues with caged pets and keystones.
  • Retail: fixed search issue with champion/follower equipment.
  • All
    • Fixed issues with rulesets.
    • Fixed visual issue with ruleset configuration.
    • Updated Chinese localization (by Adavak).
    • Updated Korean localization (by chkid).
  • Retail
    • Added recent races.
    • Fixed issue making dropdowns unclickable.


  • Updated for Visions of Nzoth.
  • General
    • New owner selection menu.
    • New frame selection menu.
    • New icons in interface options.
    • Upgraded interface options color picker design.
    • Now, if no plugins like Combuctor Scrap are installed, optionally marks sellable gray items with the default junk coin icon.
    • Added some backwards compatibility for out of date plugins.
    • Fixed issue with reappearing inactive widgets on scrollable menus.
    • Fixed bug with data-broker display region.
  • Retail
    • Now void storage and guild bank properly support Flash Find.
    • Fixed multiple bugs with void storage.
  • Classic
    • Added keyring.
    • Added key sorting.
  • Internal changes
    • Upgraded to Poncho-2.0 and Sushi-3.1.
    • Reorganization of components shared functionality using Poncho-2.0 new features.
    • Massive cleaning and standardizing of code into Ace-like modules using WildAddon-1.0.
    • Moved internally used timer API to new library DelayMutex-1.0.
    • No longer using taintable dropdown or static popup implementations.
  • Sorting now even faster in most situations.
  • Updated Korean localization (by chkmyid).
  • Updated Taiwanese localization (by kalvin807).
  • Sorting now much faster in most situations.
  • Removed Heirloom item filter on classic servers.
  • Fixed 2 sorting bugs, causing sorting to stop or enter a loop on very specific conditions on classic servers.
  • Fixed issue with some container tooltips.
  • Fixed small visual bug.
  • Fixed issue with Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian localization.
  • Updated Chinese localization.
  • Can now sort items, even if the server doesn't support it:
    • Bags and bank in classic.
    • Void storage in retail.
    • Sorting stops if entering combat.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Tooltip counts now properly include items in the 1st bank slot.
    • Fixed issue depositing items in the reagent bank.
    • Fixed rare issue sorting the reagent bank.
    • Fixed issue with button generation on classic servers, preventing frames from being disabled.
  • Localization:
    • Updated Chinese locales.
    • Changed how tooltip instructions are internally generated.
  • Other:
    • Internally changed how some tasks are scheduled with new delay API.
  • Fixed issue which occurred when all rulesets were disabled.
  • Fixed ordering issues with patron panel.
  • Started internal file organization change (make sure to update addon while wow isn't running).
  • Fixed issue with color settings.
  • Bag slots:
    • Fixed bug with herb pouches in classic servers (thank you Denzer - Mirage EU).
    • Ammo pouches now colored the same as quivers.
    • Added option to color soul bags.
    • Added soul bag bottom filter.
  • Character icons:
    • Now shows racial and gender based icons for offline characters instead of the current character 3D model.
  • Fixed issue introduced last version which renamed the "All" options at each category.
  • Now compatible with World of Warcraft classic servers.
    • Same version can run both on retail and classic.
    • Does not support keyring yet (don't have a character with a key).
    • Added filters specific for classic servers.
  • Fixed an issue with subfilter selection.
  • Added option for quiver coloring.
  • Updated Ace libraries.


  • Updated for Rise of Azshara.
  • Fixed bank automatic sorting issue.


  • Updated for World of Warcraft patch 8.1.5.
  • Now shows item count tooltips for singleton characters in a server
  • Now handles server names differently, which should fix server specific issues
    • You might need to re-login on some characters for their data to show
  • Updated French and Russian localization.
  • Fixed issue with bag toggle button.
  • Fixed issue with splitting item stacks in the guild bank
  • Fixed issue with character specific settings
  • Fixed issue preventing Void Storage from working and that could also cause minor guild bank issues
  • Fixed "numbered string" internal bug
  • Fixed issue with auto display events.
  • Added display event for scrapping machines.
  • Added portrait icons for the remaining 4 allied races. Improved Nightborne and Goblin icons.
  • Items now display the azerite and artifact alternative border artwork.
  • Can now search for "azerite", "artifact" and "unusable" items. Keywords translated for the different locales.
  • Redesigned color options panel.
  • Fixed issue with disabling inventory or bag frames.
  • Added patron list in the configuration options. See to learn how to join the list.
  • Fixed issue with double clicking the title bar.
  • Fixed issue with Void Storage.
  • Reduced tooltip count memory usage by about 80%.
  • Fixed issue with updating inventory and bank frames.
  • Fixed issue with properly marking the bank frame as "live" (not cached).
  • Fixed issue with Aggra server.


  • Updated for Battle for Azeroth
  • Another major internal update! Completely reworked the internal system for representing item data.
    • The previous system, although more memory efficient, suffered from many problems. It would easily break with updates of the game. It required constant re-specification, making developing and maintaining plugins for other developers much harder.
    • More importantly, the previous system was designed before the advent of Guild Banks. These were considered a set of bags controlled by the player character, which led to a whole set of issues. In the new system, this is no longer the case.
  • Visible changes:
    • Guilds are now considered independent entities from player characters.
    • Tooltip counts now display icons for each owner and their portraits (characters and guilds are displayed separately).
  • Bugfixes:
    • Now handles server names with spaces properly.
    • Now handles the first 4 released allied races properly.
    • Fixed issue with empty slots coloring according to bag types.
    • Fixed issue with basic rulesets considering the reagent bank a normal bag.
    • Fixed issue on realms that are not connected to other realms.
    • Fixed issue on realms with hyphens on their names that caused other characters not to be browsable.
    • Fixed multiple issues with character specific settings.
    • Reset the character specific settings that were screwed up by the previous version.
    • Fixed issue with deleting owner information.
    • The money total tooltip now displays player icons just alike the tooltip counts.
    • Fixed an issue when depositing items in the bank.
    • Fixed an issue with the owner icon generator.
    • Added back :GetItem API function of item buttons for legacy purposes (plugin support).


  • Updated for Shadow of Argus
  • Updated internal library (AceEvent) that reportedly was causing problems and preventing the program to load for users running other specific addons.
  • Tagging release

7.2.0 (beta)

  • Updated for WoW patch 7.2
  • New item layout that mimics more closely the behaviour of pre-7.1
  • New "options" slashcommand option
  • Minor internal changes
7.1.2 (beta)
  • Complete overhaul of the configuration menus!
    • Available options are now similar to the ones available in Bagnon.
    • New frame customization options.
    • New feature toggling options.
    • New color options.
  • Fixed issue with some UI elements in the bank frame.
7.1.1 (beta)
  • Added support for the old ruleset API, such that existing plugins still work.

7.1.0 (beta)

  • Major update! The large majority of Combuctor now runs on the same code as Bagnon.
    • This will allow to bring all of the features of Bagnon into Combuctor.
    • This will also make Combuctor easier to keep up to date.
    • Settings had to be reset.
    • The API for registering item rulesets has been changed. New documentation and a legacy API translator will be up soon.


  • Updated for Legion.
  • Special thanks to Tuller and the community for updating the mod while I was away!
  • Fixed flash find bug


  • Updated for Fury of Hellfire
  • Update for new library versions


  • Updated for patch 6.1
  • Fixed issue preventing proper stack splitting on right click.
  • Fixed issue causing window to behave strangely when clicking on the "loot won" frame.
  • Fixed issues with item coloring (ex: highlight item sets not working properly).
  • No longer displays warning messages when depositing non-reagents in the bank or when the reagent bank is full.
  • No longer causes cursor flickering at vendors.
  • The player dropdown list now displays all your connected realm characters.
    • The new class and race introduced in 6.0.10 should help to keep the list manageable for players with many characters.
    • Tooltips still only display players from the same faction (to keep tooltip sizes manageable) as only BOA accounts are sharable between these characters.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Now supports all the Blizzard item sorting features, such as:
    • Ignoring bags for auto sort.
    • Setting bags to a specific type of loot.
  • Bags now display the number of empy slots available.
  • Reagents now take priority in going to the reagent bank before other bag slots when depositing.
  • Items in the bank reagents slot are now properly accounted on item tooltips.
  • Changed item glow flashes:
    • Now are optional.
    • If enabled, stay for a limited period of time, but remains with a bolder glow than regular items until the bag is closed or mouse over.
  • Now the player dropdown list displays class colors and race icons. This should make it much easier to find players in long lists.
  • Now only characters from the same faction as yours will be displayed in the character list.
    • You must login again in your characters so that BagBrother can learn their factions!
  • Fixed issue preventing right clicking on the sort button to work at all.
  • More minor bugfixes.
  • Removed two developer files that caused error messages.
  • Fixed initialization issue.
  • Fixed bug causing tooltips not to appear on the reagents bank slot.
  • Fixed issue preventing bank slots from being purchased.
  • Fixed errors with player listing.
6.0.1 (beta)
  • Added auto sort/deposit reagents button to all windows.
  • Redesigned search bar.
6.0.0 (beta)
  • Updated for Warlords of Draenor
  • Updated for Siege of Ogrimmar.
  • Added support for the new in-game store features.
  • Fixed error affecting some users on login.
  • Now border coloring features can be disabled at the interface options.
  • Hopefully fixed issue causing item cooldowns and locked states to not be shown properly.
  • Added missing french localization.


  • Updated for patch Escalation.
  • Upgraded search engine, which means:
    • Smarter syntax and better search results.
    • Now items belonging to equipment sets are colored separately. Packed with ItemRack and Wardrobe support!
  • Fixed bug causing error message on rare login situations.


  • Updated for patch 5.2: The Thunder King!
  • Fixed an issue causing some cached items to not display any icon.
  • Small code optimizations.
  • Added support for cooking bags.
  • Fixed small but annoying localization bug.
  • Updated for patch 5.1: Landfall!
  • Updated Korean localization, by 노분노씹새끼.
  • Tagging as release.
5.0.1 (beta)
  • Updated for compatibility with latest Scrap version.
5.0.0 (beta)
  • Updated and tested for Mists of Pandaria.
  • Added monk class and pandaren race.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added option to display item counts on tooltips
  • Updated LibItemSearch (search engine) to latest version
  • Fixed bug causing money frame tooltip to not show on mousehover
  • Redesigned money frame tooltip
  • Important hot hotfix
  • Tagging release
4.3.7 (beta)
  • Bugfixes
4.3.6 (beta)
  • Preventing code taint
4.3.5 (beta)
  • Hotfix
4.3.4 (beta)
  • Fixed a bug causing settings to not be saved between sessions.
4.3.3 (beta)
  • Now comes packed with BagBrother, an addon that stores bag, bank and vault data for offline viewing. This addon is shared with Bagnon.
  • Added support for BagSync and Armory caching systems.
  • Fixed a bug causing the frame selector to show at unusual situations
  • Fixed bug causing BagSync support to not work properly
  • Added portuguese translations


  • Jaliborc: Updated for WoW 4.3
  • Jaliborc: No more "Jaliborc" tag. If there is nothing there, it means it was me.
  • Jaliborc: Tagging as release
  • Jaliborc: The config has been divided into two windows - "General" & "Sets"
  • Jaliborc: New options at the "General" window - "Display Sets on Left" and "Act as Interface Panel"
  • Jaliborc: Estetical improvements to the "Sets" window
  • Jaliborc: Removed unecessary code
  • Jaliborc: The windows can no longer be dragged of the screen.
  • Jaliborc: Tagging as release version
  • Jaliborc: Fixed bug causing errors when opening the options menu
  • Jaliborc: Added unusable item coloring
  • Jaliborc: Improved the quality filter design
  • Jaliborc: Remade the windows so that they tile when resizing instead of stretching
  • Jaliborc: Fixed a bug with the heirloom color
  • Jaliborc: Fixed a bug when clicking the money box


  • Updated for WoW 4.2.0
  • Tinkered a bit more with fixing frame positions to work properly when managed/unmanaged
  • Removed keyring bits.
  • Reworked the quality filter again to make it a bit more similar to the old style.
  • Selecting no qualities on the quality filter will now show all items.
  • Selecting a quality will now show items of that quality only.
  • Modifier clicking a quality will add the quality to the selection.
  • Added a fix for the issue people were having where the bank frame was not updating. Hopefully it works :)
  • Fixed a bug causing empty item slots to not properly update in color when swapping bags of different types.
  • Revamped the quality filter
  • Clicking a quality button will now toggle showing that quality. Empty slots are shown regardless of quality selected.
  • Modifier clicking an unchecked quality filter will select only that quality.
  • Added heirlooms to the quality filter.
  • The legendary filter also now includes artifacts.
  • Fixed LibItemSearch reference in the TOC file to make it load on demand properly
  • Localization bugfixes
  • Fixed a bug preventing Combuctor from showing up when you visit a bank.


  • Updated TOCs for 4.1
  • Added a fix for the frame not remembering position issue
  • Did a lot of restructuring, which probably will result in some bugs
  • Tackle box fix (thanks JuddMan)
  • Compatibility fixes for WoW 4.1
  • Bugfix


  • 4.0.6 fixes (this version won't work with pre 4.0.6 versions)
  • Added tacle box support (for reals this time?)
  • Added BagSync support.
  • Removed Bagnon_Forever from the main download. (It'll still work, though)
  • Added tackle box support (I hope :P)
  • Updated LibItemSearch, you can now perform tooltip searches via tt:<search>
  • Added back missing BagnonForever + BagnonTooltips folders
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with v4.0.1: specifically the player selector not working.
  • Added back the BagnonForever + BagnonTooltips folders
  • Updated for WoW v4.0.1
  • Fixed a typo causing an error when moving an item onto an empty part of the Combuctor frame.
  • Fixed a bug causing the bank frame to not display
  • Fixed an error when picking up a bag


  • Pushed in some changes I made in Bagnon. This should hopefully fix the bank frame issue.
  • Added in quest item highlighting
  • Added in empty slot coloring based on bag type
  • Removed debug prints from the bank frame
  • Updated for 3.3
  • Updated LibItemSearch, adding in support for equipment sets (s:setname), item level (ilvl:level), and comparison operators (ex, q<=epic)
  • Updated for 3.2
  • Added currency tracking to the money frame tooltip, thanks to Nyghtingale
  • Bagnon_Forever fixes


  • Heavily revised text searches
  • Pure text searches now only look at item names.
  • t:<text> searches look at item type/subtype/equiploc information
  • q:<text> searches look at quality information (ex, q:0 or q:epic)
  • boe, bop, boa, bou, and quest perform tooltip searches for bind on x and quest item information.
  • It is possible to negate a search (ex, !q:epic)
  • It is possible to perform an intersection search (ex, q:epic&t:weapon for all epic weapons)
  • It is possible to perform an union search (ex, t:weapon|t:armor for all items that are either armor or weapons).
  • Bumped TOC for 3.1
  • Added left side tabs (no GUI so far for it)
  • Updated Russian localization
  • Fixed some localization bugs
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed a minor tooltip issue
  • Updated Chinese translation
  • Turns out I was using my old wrath branch for BagnonForever + BagnonTooltips
  • Made Bagnon_Forever not LOD
  • Fixed a bug caused by missing localization files.
  • Fixed a bug with version updating
  • Fixed a bug with Bagnon_Forever


  • A wrath compatible rewrite.
  • Added the ability to resize the frame via dragging the bottom right corner
  • Added the ability to customize which categories are displayed on the frames (/combuctor)
  • Added the ability for developers to add in more sets and subsets to Combuctor
  • Combuctor is still very much a beta at this point in time: The new features are very much a first draft.

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