Combo Points Redux is a numeric and graphical display for your combo points (and other similar mechanic abilities) based on the excellent numeric-only addon BasicComboPoints.

Slash Command

/cpr or /cpredux


  • Numeric and graphical display of your combo points
  • Numeric display and graphical display are independently movable
  • Many icon choices for the graphical display
  • Also tracks many other stacking secondary powers including
    • Druids: Combo Points
    • Mages: Arcane Charges
    • Monks: Chi
    • Paladins: Holy Power
    • Rogues: Combo Points
    • Warlocks: Soul Shards

Width, Height, and Scale

The new version for Legion has been updated to dynamically size the points based on your container size. This was done due to all the talents that change the number of points. Here's how this works.

  • Set a Height and Width for the Point container
  • Based on the maximum number of points available, the individual points will take up a proportional space

That's great... How do I get back to normal?

Here's an example of how to use the new options:

  • You want 20x20 square icons and 5 pixels of spacing between them.
  • Your class has six points.
  • Set Height to 20 and Width to 150
    • 150 = (20 * 6) + (5 * 6)
  • You can then set a Scale to make this bigger or smaller too

In general:

  • Set the Height to your desired Point height
  • Calculate the Width
  • Point Width * Max Points + Point Spacing * Max Points


Important notice: since v3.2.6, ComboPointsRedux embeds BugGrabber, an error catching addon. Please check the error is really about ComboPointsRedux before reporting them here. I suggest installing BugSack to catch the errors.

Please report any bug or error using the WowAce bug tracker (your Curse account works there). The comments section below is not meant to report and track bugs.

Some words about submitting bug reports:

  • I do not care about “it doesn’t work, fix it!” messages. I need to know how it failed and a way to reproduce the bug so I can test it and make sure I fix it.
  • Bug reports are not in the “fire and forget” kind of things. I may have to ask you some details.
  • Please check all existing tickets and the “known issues” section below before submitting new ones. Duplicate reports will be rejected on sight.

If you want another module for a spell please file them as tickets on WowAce. It makes my life easier!


Currently the addon will work in all locales, but the options screen is not translated on all clients. If you would like to help translate the options screen you can submit translations with the new localization tool at wowace.

WoWAce Localization Tool