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15.1M Downloads Updated Oct 1, 2022 Created Nov 18, 2013

Sim-based priority/rotation helper for DPS and tanking specializations.

1.3M Downloads Updated Sep 18, 2022 Created Jul 28, 2020

Bugfixed version of Weapon Swing Timer by LeftHandedGlove specifically for the hunter timer

8.9M Downloads Updated Aug 16, 2022 Created Jul 15, 2013

This mod will add support for singe player challenges such as Torghast, Horrific Visions, Proving...

6.8M Downloads Updated Sep 4, 2022 Created May 29, 2009

In World of Warcraft healers have to die. This is a cruel truth that you're...

9.9M Downloads Updated Sep 10, 2022 Created Dec 25, 2011

Prettier nameplates.

304K Downloads Updated Sep 5, 2022 Created Sep 25, 2020

Closest thing to pre-legion damage text possible with the current API limitations. +icons, colors, filtering...

6.9M Downloads Updated Nov 3, 2021 Created May 16, 2015

Rotation helper framework.

2.6M Downloads Updated Aug 21, 2022 Created Nov 2, 2016

You want to DPS but you don't know what to cast ? Check the icons.

329K Downloads Updated Jun 30, 2021 Created Sep 14, 2020

Vanilla style damage popping animation for retail

53.4K Downloads Updated Sep 21, 2022 Created Nov 1, 2020

KuiNameplates plugin that provides advanced nameplate settings.


  By   Heda
1.5M Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2022 Created Apr 18, 2011

DPS priorities for classes and specs that I play.

1.6M Downloads Updated Sep 1, 2019 Created May 17, 2019

A weapon swing timer for WoW Classic. Supports all melee weapons, Hunter's Auto Shot, and...

96.7K Downloads Updated Dec 20, 2020 Created Dec 20, 2020

An updated MaxDps Warrior rotation helper that provides a 20% DPS improvement over the alternative.

477K Downloads Updated Sep 24, 2022 Created Apr 30, 2018

Multi-class Resource Bar, based on my (Twintop's) previous Shadow Priest Insanity Bar WeakAura set from...

5.5M Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2021 Created Aug 17, 2008

Show the icon of the next spell to cast

758K Downloads Updated Mar 7, 2022 Created Oct 31, 2012

Announces in chat whenever you interrupt a spell.

25.8K Downloads Updated Sep 28, 2022 Created Jul 28, 2020

Create a data text with PVP information for ElvUI in Classic

16.4K Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2022 Created Dec 14, 2020

A simple range indicator addon

135K Downloads Updated Feb 23, 2022 Created Jul 15, 2011

A simple interrupt announcer

414K Downloads Updated Mar 22, 2022 Created Aug 3, 2011

Claw is an addon for cat druids that simplifies gameplay and maximizes DPS by doing...