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Uploaded by Ackis81
Uploaded Nov 14, 2014
Game Version 6.0.3
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tag 2.0.12
James D. Callahan III <>
2014-11-14 10:30:57 -0600

Tagging to get a somewhat complete release


    - More pets being filled out
    - Dry coding at work
    - Update for Pet DB
    - Vendors, Quests, Mobs, and Customs
    - Localizations
    - Add Herbalism - a new pet is via Herbalism
    - Few more pets
    - Reorder
    - Add Mobs, Quests, Vendors, Custom, Localization for ToyboxDB
    - Continuing to fill out the ToyDB (not complete yet)
    - Localization
    - Add customs
    - Add Mobs
    - Add Quests
    - Add Vendors
    - Fixing rarity
    - COntinuing filling out Toybox db
James D. Callahan III:
    - Update the "Companions" tab text no matter which tab is selected.
    - Update the text of the "Companions" tab so it will say "Pet Journal", "Mounts", or "Toy Box" depending on what is being scanned.
    - Added debug wrappers so text dumps aren't shown to users.
    - Added auto-setting of ItemIDs for toys.
    - Mount DB update
    - Adding mobs, quests, vendors & localization
    - Adding filters for WoD reps
    - Update Mounts/Toys db for debug window popping up
    - New vendors
    - Update constants for new factions/maps
    - Update for Shadowmoon Valley Draenor
    - Adding Toybox support - From Sidji!  Database to be filled out to get everything to show up
    - Fix Quests
    - Filling out Mount DB
    - Quests for stables mounts
    - Vendors
    - Fix formatting, add new factions - will probably shuffle factions once they're all in
    - Add required mobs & vendors
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added expansion5 to FilterPanel.value_map
    - Working on MountDB
    - Added WoD filter
    - Add Blackrock Foundry
    - Mythic setting
    - Add Mythic setting
    - Fix Bloodhoof Bull
    - Add Nakk the Thunderer
    - Set CM mounts to Retired
James D. Callahan III:
    - Search edit box fix.
    - Whitespace fixes.
    - Add Localization
    - Madam Goya moved with Draenor
James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed assignment of known state for mounts.
    - Differentiate between Nagrand (Outland) and Nagrand (Draenor)
    - Add skeleton entries for mounts
    - Add quests
    - Update continents, add bosses
    - Add zones
James D. Callahan III:
    - Cleanup.
    - Don't show "hidden" mounts as non-tracked.
    - Dead code removal.
    - Search fixes.
    - Update/dump untracked pets on scan.
    - Removed commented-out entry.
    - Clear the buffer before dumping un-added mounts.
    - Fix for SetName
    - Dump list of un-added pets on update.
    - Cleanup.
    - Revert "Sort code cleanup."
    This reverts commit 2fda4186a9a84590c97248a2dcfc7105c4e105aa.
    - Check for nil before clearing an expanded entry.
    - Changed dump output from MOP to WOD
    - Sort code cleanup.
    - Remove isWild since it isn't used anymore.
    - Set a default name of UNKNOWN when adding a collectable.
    - Use C_MountJournal methods instead of GetCompanionInfo(), GetNumCompanions(), and GetSpellInfo().
    - Bump Interface to 60000
    - Guardian Cub retired

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