Collect Me

2,753,066 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 30, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5


  • Updated included Libs to current versions
  • Updated all databases for BfA 8.2


  • Updated all databases for BfA


  • Updated TOC for Patch 8.0
  • Fixed several API changes for BfA
  • Updated included Libs to current versions
  • Added toy expansion filters and fixed nil errors
  • Removed unavailable titles from TitleData DB


  • Added new zone information to pets, mounts and toys
  • Updated map zone handling (ArkInventory problem)
  • Fixed search functionality for toys
  • Fixed player name placement in titles


  • Added new zone information to pets, mounts and toys
  • Added new titles and updated some old ones
  • Fixed companion/mount model preview functionality


  • Updated TOC for Patch 7.3
  • Fixed PlaySound lua errors
  • Updated libs to current version


  • Updated TOC for Patch 7.2
  • Fixed CollectMe button placement for ToyBox frame


  • Updated information for Brewfest toys and companions
  • Updated displayed texts when mounting is not available
  • Fixed rare issue of incomplete collected mount list


  • Added option to show player name in random title list
  • Added nil check to prevent heirloom lua errors
  • Fixed mount list sorting and color favorites


  • Added new heirloom tab with filters/ignore list
  • Added new random title list/macro/key binding
  • Added X button to quickly reset search box text
  • Added missing zones to pets, mounts and toys
  • Added workaround for false flying area zones
  • Updated random summoning to better handle special mounts


  • Added new zone information to pets, mounts and toys
  • Fixed options didn't open CM category on first try


  • Added Traditional Chinese (zhTW) localization
  • Added the new Legion zones to the zone database
  • Fixed chat reminder if no random mounts are set
  • Fixed list refreshing after learning new mounts
  • Updated drop information for Kor'kron Juggernaut


  • Added new Legion titles
  • Added zones to companions, followers, mounts
  • Fixed Legion API calls with new mount_ids
  • Fixed campanion/toy filter checkboxes
  • Fixed Ctrl + click on mount links in chat
  • Fixed false link generation for companions


  • First update for 7.0
  • Fixed various API calls
  • Updated included Libs


  • Update for 6.2.2 Flying


  • Update for 6.2
  • Added 6.2 Mounts, Companions and Title data


  • Fixed hiding of tooltips not owned by Collect Me (eg MasterPlan)


  • Added 6.1 titles
  • Fixed lots of data regarding mounts and companions
  • Fixed Collect Me button not shown in Blizzard pet and mount journal
  • Added Collect Me button in toy box
  • Fixed toy filters not reacting in some cases
  • Fixed title progress bar (thanks Tomaz82)
  • Fixed missing followers list not being sorted properly
  • Fixed ldb display not recognizing collected followers
  • Added model preview for followers


  • Added support for followers
  • Added support for wod mounts (more filters will be implemented soon)
  • Updated for patch 6.1
  • Improved performance when crossing zone borders
  • Fixed chat links
  • Fixed random mount in flyable areas


  • Fixed ground/flying mounts for Draenor zones
  • Fixed collected information in companion tooltips


  • Fixed LDB display not updating when learning a new toy
  • Added Warlords of Draenor titles
  • Fixed sort and progress bar in title list
  • Fixed collected information in companion tooltips


  • Added full support for toys
  • Added hide ignore option to companions
  • Minor performance improvements when switching zones
  • Added new Warlord of Draenor zones


  • Added new group auto summon options
  • Added new type auto summon options
  • Tweaked pvp auto summon option
  • Fixed summon issue with old pet ids


  • Added of the Black Harvest title
  • Fixed auto pet summoning
  • Fixed current zone filter


  • Added of the Iron Vanguard title
  • Added Legend of Pandaria title
  • Fixed pet batch check in search mode
  • Fixed random mount macro issues


  • Updated TOC for Patch 6.0
  • Updated libs to current version
  • Tweaked batch check in search mode
  • Added Warlord's Deathwheel
  • Fixed API to list mounts again
  • Fixed recognition of known titles


  • Add multiple missing titles


  • Add Warforged Nightmare
  • Fix Nostance option


  • Update mount data


  • Add Dread Raven
  • Updated No Data Text in LDB Display


  • Fixed Data Broker Config for collected companions


  • Added Iron Skyreaver (Mount)
  • Added Emerald Hippogryph (Mount)


  • NEW: Levelchecks in Pet Battles
  • New options for Pet Battles
  • Possible fix for tooltip 'Missing Companion' problem
  • Added Palomino (Mount)
  • Fixed info to Hearthsteed (Mount)
  • Added info for Enchanted Fey Dragon (Mount)


  • Fix Typo in Config.lua, thx Cidrei
  • Fix LDB Display when player isn't in any zone


  • New: Macro Options
  • Improved Random Mount Macro to ignore Moonkin (thx Zenzara)
  • Fixed PetTracker Button Collision in PetJournal
  • Added info for Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent (Mount)


  • Fixed keybindings
  • Added 5.4 mounts, titles, and companions
  • Added display id for Armored Bloodwing (Mount)
  • Added Clutch of Ji-Kun (Mount)
  • Added additional info for some 5.2 mounts


  • IMPORTANT: Updated Macros, if you use own macros please update them to slash commands instead of /script...
  • Some minor performance improvements on loading zone list
  • Updated addon loading to hopefully avoid some unreproducable nil errors
  • Updated some obtainable zone info for mounts
  • Added Ancient Frostsaber (Mount)
  • Fixed info to Onyx Cloud Serpent (Mount)


  • Fixed LDB not considering companion ignore list
  • Added drop chances to info for all pre MoP mounts.
  • Removed BoP, BoA tags from all mounts (BoE tag will be kept)
  • Updated Grand War Mammoth info (Mount)
  • Fixed Subdued Seahorse being zone restricted
  • Fixed info for Crimson Pandaren Phoenix Serpent (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Crimson Cloud Serpent (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Heavenly Crimson Cloud (Mount)
  • Fixed Crimson Primal Direhorn to be Horde only
  • Fixed Golden Primal Direhorn to be Alliance only
  • Fixed some grammar in several lines of info


  • Added Armored Bloodwing (Mount)
  • Fixed Flametalon of Alysrazor being marked as a Flying mount


  • Added zone based filtering of mounts with LDB support
  • New Options Menu
  • Options to configure LDB text and tooltip
  • Added 5.3 mounts and titles


  • Keybinding Support
  • Fixed certain JC Panther mounts were not marked as flying
  • Fixed unknown method of obtaining filters for ground mounts


  • Added missing 5.2 mounts
  • Improved zone filtering for better results


  • Fixed several 5.2 ground mounts marked as flying mounts


  • Fixed performance issues on tabs using the zone dropdown list
  • Added several 5.2 mounts, zones and titles
  • Fixed info for Swift Windsteed (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Albino Riding Crane (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Crimson Riding Crane (Mount)
  • Fixed info for several Water Strider mounts (Mount)
  • Added filters for unknown method of obtaining Yaks, Clound Serpents, Water Striders, Riding Cranes (Mount)
  • Removed [BoE] tags from Tailoring mounts (Mount)
  • Fixed duplicate LICENSE.TXT in zip


  • Added Swift Windsteed
  • Fixed zone filtering in AQ40
  • Shorten LDB Text


  • Added a textbox for searching through all lists
  • Added zone based filtering of missing companions (titles and mounts may follow in a future release) - data provided by Nullberri of PetJournalEnhanced
  • Added LDB plugin for missing companions in current zone (a broker display addon is needed to use this feature)


  • Fixed capture notice on npc battles
  • Added 5.1 titles


  • Improved performance


  • Fixed CollectMe Buttons in Pet- and MountJournal
  • Added 5.1 Mounts and Teal Kodo


  • Fixed 5.1 bugs
  • NOTE: With 5.1 petids were changed with guids so you're random summon list has to be configured from start


  • Tooltips of wild battle pets now have information if this companion is missing in your collection
  • While in pet battles, chat messages will inform you if the enemy pet is missing from your collection or if it has a higher quality than the same companion of your collection
  • The random companion tab now shows the level and the quality of your companions
  • Fixed several issues with Summon/Dismiss Companion


  • Fixed several issues which caused the display of an empty missing or summon random companion list
  • Fixed an issue which caused autosummon on moving to consider only not captured pets
  • Fixed Mount Great Purple Dragon Turtle


  • Added info for the engineering profession mounts.
  • Added some missing info for certain mounts.
  • Added drop chance percentages to info for certain mounts.
  • Fixed an issue with mount priorities message while in combat


  • Added back the ability to manage and track what companions you're missing
  • Added Mists of Pandaria titles
  • Added Mists of Pandaria mounts
  • Changed the amount of companions, mounts one can view on screen without scrolling
  • Showing of last open tab after reopening the main window from a previous session


  • Added White Stallion
  • Fixed dual wield weapon preview bug
  • Fixed a bug causing non druids to cancel their form as well (example Shadow Priests)
  • Updated german translation


  • Fixed a weapon preview bug
  • Added Check/Uncheck all buttons
  • Added /cancelform to the mount macro
  • Fixed Swift Zehvra being tagged as a flying mount
  • Fixed White Riding Camel


  • Fixed DressingRoom only able to equip a single item
  • Added options to configure the behavior of the mount macro
  • Added command to update the macro
  • Updated german translation


  • Complete recode of the addon, with a new UI
  • Removed companion list (replaced by Blizzard Pet Journal)
  • Filters and options are now more easily accessible
  • Random mount summoning (using a macro)
  • Removed pet summoning button (replaced by a macro)
  • Removed random summoning by priority - replaced random summoning of a list of chosen mounts/companions
  • Added preview by using dressing room and display id's - no more cache
  • Mounts linkable to chat
  • Added translation support (English, German currently implemented)
  • Added feature to ctrl+left click mounts, companions in chat to view their models
  • Updated info for Recruit a Friend mounts (Mount)
  • Added Obsidian Nightwing (Mount)
  • Added Imperial Quilen (Mount)
  • Added BoP, BoE and BoA tags to all mounts
  • Added Filters for Titles.
  • Added [SoEM] tags for mounts (Satchel of Exotic Mysteries)


  • Added Amani Dragonhawk (Mount)
  • Updated Feldrak to TCG filter (Mount)
  • Fixed typo on Experiment 12-B info (Mount)


  • Updated info for Worg Pup (Companion)
  • Updated info for Smolderweb Hatchling (Companion)
  • Updated info for Soul of the Aspects (Companion)


  • Fixed Searing Scorchling being filtered
  • Added Spectral Gryphon (Mount)
  • Added Spectral Wind Rider (Companion)


  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.3.2


  • Updated info for Tuskarr Kite (Companion)
  • Updated info for Spectral Tiger Cub (Companion)
  • Added Feldrake (Mount)
  • Added Eyed of the Legion (Companion)
  • Fixed several spelling & grammar errors (Title)


  • Fixed some title info (Title)
  • Updated info and added filter for Hearts of the Aspects (Mount)


  • Added a new title feature for managing and collecting titles (Title)
  • Updated several World Event companions to BoE (Companion)
  • Fixed profession filters (Mount)(they're actually implemented now sorry :( )
  • Added Mottled Drake (Mount)


  • Updated info for Lunar Lantern (Companion)
  • Updated info for Festival Lantern (Companion)
  • Added Purple Puffer to the TCG filter (Companion)
  • Fixed missing Flametalon of Alysrazor (Mount)
  • Added an Engineering and a Tailoring filter for the mounts (profession mounts will no longer be automatically hidden)


  • Updated Mountain Horse to Alliance only (Mount)
  • Updated Swift Mountain Horse to Alliance only (Mount)
  • Added filter for Swift Shorestrider (Mount)
  • Added filter for Corrupted Hippogryph (Mount)
  • Added filter for White Riding Camel (Mount)


  • Corrected Sprite Darter Hatchling info (Companion)
  • Added Swift Shorestrider (Mount)
  • Added Corrupted Hippogryph (Mount)
  • Added White Riding Camel (Mount)


  • Updated Clockwork Rocket Bot info (Companion)
  • Added Swift Lovebird (Mount)
  • Added Experiment 12-B (Mount)
  • Added Swift Springstrider (Mount)
  • Added Reins of the Twilight Harbinger (Mount)


  • Fixed a bug introduced by 1.2.2


  • Fixed spelling for Lil' Tarecgosa (Companion)
  • Added Sea Pony (Companion)
  • Added Fetish Shaman (Companion)
  • Added Gregarious Grell (Companion)
  • Added Sand Scarab (Companion)
  • Added Lumpy (Companion)
  • Added Soul of the Aspects (Companion)
  • Added Lunar Lantern (Companion)
  • Added Festival Lantern (Companion)
  • Added Mountain Horse (Mount)
  • Added Swift Mountain Horse (Mount)
  • Added Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake (Mount)
  • Added Life-Binder's Handmaiden (Mount)
  • Added Festival Blazing Drake (Mount)


  • Updated ToC for 4.3
  • Corrected spelling in ToC description
  • Added Swift Forest Strider (Mount)
  • Added Darkmoon Dancing Bear (Mount)
  • Added Tyrael's Charger (Mount)
  • Added Darkmoon Zeppelin (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Turtle (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Monkey (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Tonk (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Cub (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Balloon (Companion)
  • Added Purple Puffer (Companion)


  • Added option to disable the missing companion/mount messages
  • Added Collect Me button to the mount and companion windows
  • Fixed companion counter to work with filters properly

1.1.40 * Added a Blizzard Store filter for mounts * Added a Recruit a Friend filter for mounts * Fixed Zipao Tiger info (Companion) * Fixed Eat the Egg info (Companion) * Removed old patch tags from info (Companion) * Removed old patch tags from info (Mount)

1.1.34 * Added Guardian Cub (Companion)

1.1.33 * Corrected Murkablo filter (Companion) * Corrected Savage Raptor filter (Mount)

1.1.32 * Corrected Black War Mammoth (Mount) * Added multiple BoP/BoE/BoA info to the mounts * Fixed a few more spelling errors

1.1.31 * Added Wooly White Rhino (Mount)

1.1.30 * Corrected Celestial Dragon filter (Companion) * Added multiple BoP/BoE/BoA information to companions

1.1.29 * Added Murkablo (Companion) * Corrected Crusader's Black Warhorse (Mount) * Corrected & Added Swift Horde Wolf (Mount) to no longer obtainable filter * Corrected & Added Swift Alliance Steed (Mount) to no longer obtainable filter * Corrected & Added Crusader's White Warhorse (Mount) to no longer obtainable filter * Fixed several spelling/grammar errors

1.1.28 * Added Savage Raptor (Mount) * Corrected Stormpike Battle Charger (Mount) * Corrected Black War Raptor (Mount) * Corrected Swift Warstrider (Mount) * Corrected Black War Wolf (Mount) * Corrected Red Skeletal Warhorse (Mount) * Corrected Black Battlestrider (Mount) * Corrected Black War Tiger (Mount) * Corrected Black War Steed (Mount) * Corrected Black War Ram (Mount) * Corrected Black War Elekk (Mount) * Fixed several spelling errors

1.1.27 * Added Creepy Crate (Companion) * Added Feline Familiar (Companion) * Added Lil' Tarecgosa (Companion) * Added Drake of the East Wind (Mount) * Added Vicious War Wolf (Mount) * Added Drake of the South Wind (Mount) * Added Corrupted Fire Hawk (Mount) * Added Flametalon of Alyzrazor (Mount) * Added Pureblood Fire Hawk (Mount) * Added Vicious War Steed (Mount) * Corrected faction for Spectral Steed (Mount) * Corrected status for Crusader's Black Warhorse (Mount) * Corrected information for Black Tabby Cat (Companion)

1.1.26 * Added Nightsaber Cub (Companion) * Added Flameward Hippogryph (Mount)

1.1.25 * Added Crimson Lasher (Companion) * Added Hyjal Bear Cub (Companion) * Corrected Alignment for Alliance Balloon (Companion) * Corrected Alignment for Horde Balloon (Companion)

1.1.24 * Corrected Searing Scorchling Filter (Companion) * Added Horde Balloon (Summon Horde Balloon) (Companion) * Added Subdued Seahorse (Mount)

1.1.23 * Updated TOC for 4.02 * Updated De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion (Companion) * Added Alliance Balloon (Summon Alliance Balloon) (Companion) * Added Landro's Lichling (Companion) * Added Nuts (Companion) * Added Brilliant Kaliri (Companion) * Added Kor'kron Annihilator (Mount) * Added Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank (Mount) * Added Blazing Hippogryph (Mount) * Added Winged Guardian (Mount)

1.1.22 * Updated info for 13 companions * Updated info for three mounts * Added Cenarion Hatchling (Companion) to Blizzard Store filter * Added Lil' Ragnaros (Companion) to Blizzard Store filter * Added Swift Zhevra (Mount) to No Longer Obtainable filter * Added Swift Razzashi Raptor (Mount) to No Longer Obtainable filter * Added Swift Zulian Tiger (Mount) to No Longer Obtainable filter * Removed faction restriction from Magic Lamp (Companion) * Removed faction restriction from Enchanted Lantern (Companion)

1.1.21 * Added Golden King (Mount) * Added Grey Riding Camel (Mount) * Added Phosphorescent Stone Drake (Mount) * Added Amani Battle Bear (Mount) * Added Armored Razzashi Raptor (Mount) * Added Swift Zulian Panther (Mount) * Added Voodoo Figurine (Companion) * Added Pterrordax Hatchling (Companion) * Added Cenarion Hatchling (Companion) * Added Scooter the Snail (Companion)

1.1.20 * Added Drake of the North Wind (Mount) * Added Spectral Steed (Mount) * Added Vitreous Stone Drake (Mount) * Added Winterspring Cub (Companion) * Added Panther Cub (Companion) * Added Lashtail Hatchling (Companion)

1.1.19 * Added Dark Phoenix (Mount) * Added Sandstone Drake (Mount) * Added Spectral Wolf (Mount)

1.1.18 * Added Abyssal Seahorse (Mount) * Added Brown Riding Camel (Mount) * Added Fossilized Raptor (Mount) * Added Tan Riding Camel (Mount) * Added Exarch's Elekk (Mount) * Added Great Exarch's Elekk (Mount) * Added Goblin Trike (Mount) * Added Goblin Turbo-Trike (Mount) * Added Sunwalker Kodo (Mount) * Added Great Sunwalker Kodo (Mount)

1.1.17 * Added Enchanted Lantern - Horde (Companion) * Added Magic Lamp - Alliance (Companion) * Added Moonkin Hatchling - Alliance (Companion) * Added Moonkin Hatchling - Horde (Companion) * Added Tiny Flamefly (Companion) * Added Brutal Nether Drake (Mount) * Added Crusader's Black Warhorse (Mount) * Added Crusader's White Warhorse (Mount) * Added Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (Mount) * Added Relentless Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (Mount) * Added Wrathful Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (Mount) * Updated info for Fox Kit (Companion) * Updated info for Guild Herald - Alliance (Companion) * Updated info for Guild Herald - Horde (Companion) * Updated info for Guild Page - Alliance (Companion) * Updated info for Guild Page - Horde (Companion) * Updated info for Lil' Ragnaros (Companion) * Updated info for Personal World Destroyer (Companion) * Updated info for Blue Drake (Mount) * Updated info for Raven Lord (Mount) * Removed Personal World Destroyer (Companion) from Engineer BoP filter * Removed Lil' Alexstrasza (Companion) * Removed "Cataclysm:" designator from all companions

1.1.16 * Engineer companions are now filterable instead of restricted to engineers * New companion filter: Unknown method of obtaining (probably not available) * New companion filter: Purchased from the Blizzard Store * Added BoE/BoP/BoA status to each companion * Updated info for many companions * Added Armadillo Pup (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Baby Shark (Companion) * Added Blue Mini Jouster (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Brazie's Sunflower (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Celestial Dragon (Companion) * Added Clockwork Gnome (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Crawling Claw (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Dark Phoenix Hatchling (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion [Cataclysm] * Added Deathy (Companion) * Added Eat the Egg (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Elementium Geode (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Fossilized Hatchling (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Fox Kit (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Gold Mini Jouster (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Guild Herald - Alliance (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Guild Herald - Horde (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Guild Page - Alliance (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Guild Page - Horde (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Jade Tiger (Companion) * Added Landro's Lil' XT (Companion) * Added Lil' Alexstrasza (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Lil' Deathwing (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Lil' Ragnaros (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Loggerhead Snapjaw (Companion) * Added Mr. Grubbs (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Pebble (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Personal World Destroyer (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Rumbling Rockling (Companion) * Added Rustberg Seagull (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Swirling Stormling (Companion) * Added Tiny Shale Spider (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added Whirling Waveling (Companion) * Added White Tiger Cub (Companion) * Added Withers (Companion) [Cataclysm] * Added XS-001 Constructor Bot (Companion) * Removed Pandaren Monk from Collector's Edition filter

1.1.15 * Fixed addon to work with 4.0.1 patch * Removed engineer-only status for Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling * Added Frigid Frostling (Companion) * Added Mini Thor (Companion) * Added Crimson Deathcharger (Mount) * Added Invincible (Mount) * Added X-53 Touring Rocket (Mount) * Updated info for several companions and mounts

1.1.14 * Updated Lil' Smoky (Companion) * Updated Pet Bombing (Companion) * Updated Gryphon Hatchling (Companion) * Updated Wind Rider Cub (Companion) * Added Lil' XT (Companion) * Added Blue Clockwork Rocketbot (Companion) * Added Celestial Steed (Mount)

1.1.13 * Added Toxic Wasteling (Companion) * Added Big Love Rocket (Mount)

1.1.12 * Added dismiss current pet by shift-clicking on summon button. (DesertDwarf) * Added PVP "on movement" feature to config and addon: When enabled (DesertDwarf) and if the player is PVP flagged, this will auto-dismiss on movement and will disable the summon on movement. * Corrected minor spelling errors in programming. (DesertDwarf) * Corrected Swift Alliance Steed information * Added Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher mount * Added Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher mount

1.1.11 * Moved Deadly Gladiator's Frostwyrm to no longer obtainable * Moved Swift Mooncloth Carpet, Swift Ebonweave Carpet, Swift Spellfire Carpet to no longer obtainable * Added info for Magic Rooster mount * Added info for Alarming Clockbot * Updated Wind Rider Cub, Gryphon Hatchling as possible online store purchases * Changed summon button size to 35 from 50

1.1.10 * Updated Info for Silver Covenant Hippogryph * Added Swift Alliance Steed

1.1.9 * Added Argent Charger for Horde

1.1.8 * Added Perky Pug Companion * Updated Black Qiraji Battle Tank * Added Blue Drake * Added Swift Horde Wolf * Updated TOC for 3.3

1.1.7 * Added Oswald The Penguin for upcoming merge * Added Calico Cat for patch 3.3 * Added Albino Snake for patch 3.3

1.1.6 * Updated Brewfest Ram info, added to no longer obtainable filter * Updated Swift Brewfest Ram info * Added Gundrak Hatchling pet * Reenabled missing pet/mount messages

1.1.5 * Updated Mount Mimiron's Head * Added Mount Onyxian Drake * Added Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm pet * Added Lil' K.T. pet * Added Core Hound Pup pet * Added Gryphon Hatchling pet * Added Wind Rider Cub pet * Added Zipao Tiger pet * Added Pandaren Monk pet * Added Spectral Tiger Cub pet * Added Tuskarr Kite pet * Added Onyxian Whelpling pet * Changed Battle-Bot to Warbot

1.1.4 * Added Grunty pet * Updated Plump Turkey pet

1.1.3 * Fixed wrong mount for Silver Covenant Hippogryph, ooops * Removed XS-001 Constructor Bot

1.1.2 * Added Argent Warhorse * Added Argent Charger for Paladins * Added Ochre Skeletal Warhorse for Horde * Added Quel'dorei Steed for Alliance * Added Sunreaver Hawkstrider for Horde * Added Striped Dawnsaber for Alliance * Added Sunreaver Dragonhawk for Horde * Added Silver Covenant Hippogryph for Alliance * Added Magic Rooster mount from TCG Expansion * Added Shimmering Wyrmling * Added Darting Hatchling * Added Deviate Hatchling * Added Leaping Hatching * Added Obsidian Hatchling * Added Ravasaur Hatchling * Added Razormaw Hatchling * Added Razzashi Hatchling * Corrected Minor Spelling Errors

1.1.1 * updated version and TOC * updated Venomhide Ravasaur information * added more to ToDo list * added Curious Oracle Hatchling and Curious Wolvar Pup

1.1.0 * finally combined Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling into one Engineer table * added flying carpets to mountinfo file as not available yet

1.0.9 * fixed grammar and spelling errors * updated all (hopefully) incorrect 3D previews for alliance and horde * put mount and pet list in alphabetical order * added Battle-Bot as a promotional pet

1.0.8 * fixed incorrect version number displayed * switched the change log to WikiCreole formatting for easier updating * corrected spelling errors in the change log

1.0.7 * updated many missing 3D previews for companion pets and mounts * updated some information about pets or mounts * corrected some small spelling errors

1.0.6 * added gray question mark for empty 3D preview images (thanks GUP) * updated drop information for Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling

1.0.5 * added Battle-Bot and fixed Black Tabby Cat Model (thanks to Tolerant)

1.0.4 * added 3.1.2 Argent Tournament Mounts

1.0.3 * re-tagged as release since the log-in error seems to be fixed in the latest betas * temporary disabled notification messages

1.0.2 * added stealth check to prevent from breaking stealth on summoning a companion while moving forward

1.0.1 * possible fix for math.random error * possible fix for engineering/tailoring mounts (again ^^) * button will automatically hide when character doesn't have a companion * fixed error when character doesn't have a companion

1.0 * added the collect me summon button

0.9.2 * fixed error on log-in * fixed forced auto-dismount when summoning a companion on moving forward

0.9.1 * added option to turn on and off the 3d model preview (off by default) * added close button in 3d model preview as suggested by Tolerant * added option to summon pet on moving forward as suggested by DeathCab727 (off by default)

0.9 * added possibility do get directly into the configuration menu /cm config * added priority based random companion summoning

0.8.1 * possible fix for engineering and tailoring companions and mounts

0.8 * added 3d model preview window

0.7.1 * fixed error which appeared on first log-in when updating from 0.6 to 0.7 * fixed error that companions/mounts on filtered list showed up as unknown to the add-on * fixed error on tailoring and engineering mounts

0.7 * added button to open the add-on on the blizzard pet/mount tab as suggested by Mazzop * added a graphical options menu * added filters to hide groups (like PVP, not obtainable anymore, trading card game,...) of pets and mounts from the missing and the ignore list

0.6 * initial release