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Classic Clique - 2 Issues: Global do not work with Hovercast on the same Button and Frame Blacklist don't work

#267 By  tengo_76

Created Sep 10, 2019 Updated Sep 10, 2019


I have two issues and i dont know, it's a bug or am I to dump to understand the concept of bindings. :(


I play with the newest Version of Clique (v1.0.3-classic) and with the Blizzard Frames.


Issue 1: I play with Blizzard frames and I want the player frame to work normally (no Clique). I marked the player frame in the blacklist, but the hovercast bindings work anyway. However, the player frame should work with the standard mouse clicks, eg right-click for the menu. And the same right-click over the Raid-Frame with a Healcast (for me as Pala the FlashHeal).


Issue 2: The self-magic global bindings only work if there are NO hovercast bindings on the same key. I would like to work on the same button (right-click) in the Raidframe a healing spell and outside the Raidframe (without a goal) a Selfbuff. When I bind a hovercast spell, the global spell no longer works on the same button (in my example the FlashHeal and the "Pala-Bubble"). :(


What I do wrong?



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