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Uploaded by jnwhiteh
Uploaded Apr 27, 2011
Game Version 4.0.6
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tag showfix-001
James Whitehead II <>
2011-04-14 10:33:55 +0100

Tagging showfix001


James Whitehead II:
    - Scan registered frames when mouseover appears
    - Use 'secure' registration for RegisterFrame
    - Move table creation before any script running
    - Attempt to fix the dangling bindings issue
    If the player is over a frame that has key bindings active and that
    frame is hidden or obscured then those bindings will remain active until
    another Clique-enabled frame is moused over. This fix uses the attribute
    driver template to clear this dangling button when the player no longer
    has a 'mouseover' unit.
    This change could potentially cause problems for small corner cases
    where non-unit-frames are enabled for Clique casting, but I do not
    currently know of any uses where this is the case.
    - Add ruRU localization thanks to StingerSoft

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