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Uploaded Nov 23, 2010
Game Version 4.0.3a
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James Whitehead II:
    - Add the blacklist code back in
    - Revamp of attribute calculation/setting
    The logic seems to be a bit more straightforward and it seems that the
    ooc/friend/enemy layering is working properly. The major changes are:
      * Clique will only calculate new attributes when you change bindings
      * Clique will apply the attributes when bindings change
      * If you have ooc bindings, then they will swap on enter/leave combat
      * Otherwise, they will not change, so there's no overhead from that
    out-of-combat bindings should now correctly be applied over any other
    type of binding with the same key. If this isn't the case, please report
    it to me.
    - Add an addon:Defer() function for deferral
    This function will defer the execution of a method or function until the
    player as exited combat.
    - Fix a bug in FireMessage argument checking
    - Make emergency debug mode more informative
    - Add support for buff/debuff on raid frames
    - Adding support for CompactParty pet frames
    - Add a pet header to the header test code
    - Fix hovercast/default combination to work properly
    - Move options panels around to be clearer
    - Allow for string = true in localization files
    - Fix a typo in blizzard frame options

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