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Uploaded by jnwhiteh
Uploaded Oct 28, 2010
Game Version 4.0.1
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James Whitehead II:
    - Fix some issues with registering group-header-based frames
    This should fix the reported issues with 'AnyUp' and 'AnyDown'
    registration not happening properly on those frames.
    - Convert strings to frames
    - Try to run RegisterForCLicks on all frames during a full update
    - Fix modified special keys, like dash and backslash
    - Revert "Bind spells by spell id, see if this resolves the Blizzard issues"
    This reverts commit 8ff7cf608b83438e06c409b50c594105e7022755.
    - Allow 'Backslash' to be used as a binding key
    - Fix enemy/friend bindings when used with default/hovercast.
    Thanks to JTrent82 for the thorough bug report that helped me track this
    one down.
    - Add friend/enemy attributes to remote snippet as well
    - Bind spells by spell id, see if this resolves the Blizzard issues
    - Update localization (added zhCN and zhTW)

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