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Uploaded by jnwhiteh
Uploaded Oct 21, 2010
Game Version 4.0.1
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tag v40000-1.2.8
James Whitehead II <>
2010-10-21 13:33:58 +0100

Tagging v40000-1.2.8


James Whitehead II:
    - Add a basic test suite
    - Fix several bugs with mouse-button-based bindings
    - Add an addon-wide index/newindex debug mode
    - Hide UI panel when spellbook is hidden and both are open
    - Fix another corner case where escape could get eaten
    - Fix the issue that was causing escape to be eaten
    - Disable button-based hovercast/global bindings on unit frames
    - Fix the 'Select None' button in the frame blacklist editor
    - Remove debug message
    - Ensure onenter/onleave attributes don't get 'stuck'.
    - Only register clicks on enabled, non-blacklisted frames
    - Some comment and text updates
    - Fix bindings with non-latin keys, such as ö
    - Enabled frame unregistration
    Addons that are registering using ClickCastFrames should run
    ClickCastFrames[frame] = nil or ClickCastFrames[frame] = false.
    Addons that are using the group header, and are registering using
    the secure snippet method should do the following:
    local header = self:GetFrameref("clickcast_header")
    header:SetAttribute("clickcast_button", button)
    This code expect to be run on the header, but needs access to the
    button. This can probably be passed into your header via a frame
    reference, i.e:
    MyGroupHeader:SetFrameRef("foo", MyGroupHeaderUnitButton1)
      local button = self:GetFrameRef("foo");
      local header = self:GetFrameRef("clickcast_header")
      header:SetAttribute("clickcast_button", button)

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