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Uploaded by jnwhiteh
Uploaded Oct 21, 2010
Game Version 3.1.0
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tag Clique-r116-release
James Whitehead II <>
2010-09-21 11:08:56 +0100

Convert "Clique-r116-release" to proper git tag.


James Whitehead II:
    - Tagging r116 release for WoW 3.1
    - Updated Clique to use ACTIVE_TALENT_GROUP_CHANGED
    - * Fix profile switching system so it stores the options in 'char' rather than 'profile'.. duur
    - * Removed old "MAX" button, since the game no longer encourages downranking. * Added an "options" button that allows you to enable/disable profile switching when changing talent specs * Fixed a taint issue due to using UIFrameFlash
    - * Fix an error that caused custom pet actions to have a display error * The Clique configuration window will now properly be visible on the pet tab
    - Make ruRU locale only apply when the user is using a ruRU client
    - Added ruRU localization courtesy of gzukka
    - * Added localization for esES and esMX thanks to iflores23
    - * Fix an issue with the new profile dialog when clicking the "Accept" button
    - Fixed an error when mousing over an empty spellbook slot
    - Removed conditional WoTLK code
    - * Fixed deprecated use of 'this' in a number of places * Fixed an issue where the icon selection screen gave an error * Added a tooltip to the dropdown selector button and the Clique tab button * Fixed the toggling behavior of Clique when entering combat * Altered frame levels of the Clique UI so the windows should be usable in all situations * Double-clicking an entry will edit it * Rephrased "Stop Casting" to "Cancel Pending Spellcast", since it reflects what the option does
    - Only specify a spell rank when the "Show all spell ranks" button is selected
    - Make the spellbook tab/button disappear when we're on the glyph screen
    - Update table of contents
    - Added reference to IsWrathBuild()
    - Added code to fix the scroll and dropdown frames in WoTLK
    - Fixed an issue with mousing over a spellbook button in WoTLK
    - Fixed a number of issues with the edit UI
    - Remove a stray SetMultiline(true)
    - Make the one-line argument boxes not accept the enter character
    - * Added wowi:dirname so zips are generated properly
    - * Fixed tooltip bindings so there are no more duplicates * Added a /clique showbindings command that will show a draggable window that shows the current clique bindings.   This window will not update when your bindings change and currently doesn't retain its position on-screen.
    - * Removed old database upgrading code * Added version field to table of contents
    - * Updated .toc
    - * Fixed an issue relating to Polymorph (Rank 1: Pig) and the way the rank text was changed.  The system should now work for any ranks, numeric or not. * Renamed the "Options" button to "Frames"
    - Added COPYING and LICENSE.
    - * .toc update
    - * Updated to Dongle-1.1
    - * Currently in patch 2.2 Blizzard changed the unit attribute resolution.  As a result, a unit attribute of "nil" is different from a unit attribute that has never been set.  This release works around this issue by only setting the attribute if you've set it in your configuration. * If you set the "unit" argument for a given custom type, and then clear it, you will need to reload your UI in order to get teh change applied.  This should not affect the average user in any way.
    - * Update to fix issues with TargetUnit and other attributes
    - * .TOC update
    - * Fix for the 2.2 issue with odd cast targets
    - * Updated localisations and altered the .toc file to ensure they load properly
    - * Update to Dongle-1.0-r871 to fix the profile issue
    - * .toc update for 2.1.0
    - * Guard the sv conversion code to prevent an error
    - * Updating to Dongle-1.0-r863
    - * Updated to Dongle-1.0-r859
    - * Base the options title off Clique.rev which is pulled from Clique.luq
    - * Removed a number of debug procedures
    - * Changed the upgrade procedure to be more rigid, based on revision number
    - * Fixing issue 44, with PROFILE_RESET localisation
    - * Updated localisation for deDE and pulled out the custom help and labels.
    - * Updated the logic for rank parsing.  Should be more robust and work with other locales.
    - * Fixed logic so you can assign clicks on PTR
    - * Updated to Dongle-r849
    - * Menu no longer requires an arg, so remove that from the options code.
    - * Updating to Dongle-r315 to fix an issue with logout errors
    - * Added error checking to the macro type
    - * tostring() on entry.arg2
    - * Trying to fix a clique macro issue
    - * Attempt to fix an issue with numeric macro indices
    - * Fixed an issue where macros would fail if they had no text, and no index.
    - * Fix to sv conversion code
    - * Dongle-1.0
    - * Due to changes in Dongle, added a script to convert savedvariables, to retain profiles
    - * Corrected locale string in frFR (closes issue 28)
    - * Tooltip lines are only added when we're mousing over a frame. * Added an option for /clique tooltip, which toggles the listing of clique-bindings in the unit tooltips
    - * Initial work on tooltip listing of bindings
    - * When a user learns a new spell tab, the Clique button will reposition accordingly.
    - * Updated to Dongle-Beta1
    - * Added support for changing profiles on commandline.
    - * Updated to use Dongle-Beta1
    - Resolved an issue where custom edited macros were not saving harm/help buttons properly.
    - Added a small debug function for troubleshooting that can be activated using /clique debug.
    - Fixed a stray character
    - * Resolved an issue where helpful and out-of-combat clicks could conflict, with the helpful click taking prescendence.
    - Removed a stray "frame" argument in PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED() that was causing clicks to not be set properly.  Thanks [Ammo]!!!
    - Fixed an issue where clicks weren't applying after the MAX or EDIT buttons were used
    - Updated to Dongle-Beta0. Updated .toc file for 2.0.3.
    - Updated to Dongle-Beta0
    - Fixed a typo
    - Added version checks and warnings for Dongle Removed clique "special" mode
    - Fixed a typo, appears to have resolved any clickset issues we've had
    - Updated to work with Dongle-Beta0, at least in spirit
    - * Updated to remove some stray globals from Copy/Paste of Blizzard code.
    - * Urgent update to Dongle-0.5.1-Alpha
    - * Fixed an issue where frames were registering too early
    - * Fixed an issue where framed wouldn't unregister properly if deselected
    - * Dongle-0.5.0-Alpha
    - * Cleaned up a TON of attribute nastiness, which appears to have resolved any outstanding issues.
    - * Trying to debug the ooc issue.
    - * Updated to use new Dongle events for database/profiles
    - * Fixed an issue where spells were not being masked properly due to 1 ~= "1"
    - * Added helpful clicks to the masking process, so they are applied ooc.
    - * Removed random test code
    - * Fix for custom macros, which wouldn't work after editing
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.4.2-Alpha
    - * Fixed an issue with profile changes due to empty blacklist
    - * Update to the clickset functionality to improve the logic and speed.  Should greatly improve loadtimes when large raid mods (RDX) are loaded
    - * Fixed an issue where attributes were being deleted on blacklisted frames
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.3.1-Alpha
    - * Resolved another outstanding issue with out-of-combat clicks
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.3.0-Alpha
    - Clique: * Change API to reflect changes to Dongle
    - * Resolved some outstanding issues with click priority, required signifgant changes * Out-of-combat clicks should now have the highest priority, followed by harm/help, followed by default * Resolved an issue with "Click Button" * Identified an issue with the left click binding not working across reloads on the default blizzard raid frames.  Do not have a fix for this yet, waiting on Blizzard * Fixed an issue where the blacklist was not properly being applied.  Blacklisted frames will no longer have attributes applied to them.
    - Clique: * Fixed icon issues, all non-set icons should now properly use the questionmark * Added custom radio buttons, courtesy Beladona
    - Clique: * Moved some localisation around * Added an edit box for macrotext when making a custom macro * Removed outdated Print() function * Added a "menu" action which will show the unit menu, if stored in the variable
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.2.2-Alpha to fix a potential issue with missing libraries
    - * Fixed an issue with the new profile static pop-up, where clicking the "Accept" button would cause an error
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.2.1-Alpha
    - * Fixed an issue where the based actions would not display properly, and would error in the UI
    - * Fixed a typo when leaving combat * Added some separation to the potential bug in CliqueOptions.lua
    - Clique: * Too many updates to list * Added a profile window where you can change/set profiles * Added an options window where you can disable click-casting for named frames
    - Clique: Some basic change to the profile system
    - Clique: Changed line-ending bits, just to be done with it
    - Clique: Removed truncating of profile names, and re-anchored.  Trying to get the nested delete working properly
    - Clique: Initial commit from old svn
(no author):
    - Initial directory structure.