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Uploaded by jnwhiteh
Uploaded Oct 21, 2010
Game Version 2.0.1
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MD5 4b18f2aafe32c1164f5d219d8403cd16
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tag Clique-2.0.4
James Whitehead II <>
2010-09-21 11:08:56 +0100

Convert "Clique-2.0.4" to proper git tag.


James Whitehead II:
    - Tagging for 2.0.4 release
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.2.2-Alpha to fix a potential issue with missing libraries
    - * Fixed an issue with the new profile static pop-up, where clicking the "Accept" button would cause an error
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.2.1-Alpha
    - * Fixed an issue where the based actions would not display properly, and would error in the UI
    - * Fixed a typo when leaving combat * Added some separation to the potential bug in CliqueOptions.lua
    - Clique: * Too many updates to list * Added a profile window where you can change/set profiles * Added an options window where you can disable click-casting for named frames
    - Clique: Some basic change to the profile system
    - Clique: Changed line-ending bits, just to be done with it
    - Clique: Removed truncating of profile names, and re-anchored.  Trying to get the nested delete working properly
    - Clique: Initial commit from old svn