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Uploaded by jnwhiteh
Uploaded Oct 21, 2010
Game Version 2.0.1
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tag Clique-2.2.0
James Whitehead II <>
2010-09-21 11:08:56 +0100

Convert "Clique-2.2.0" to proper git tag.


James Whitehead II:
    - Tagging Clique 2.2.0 release
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.3.1-Alpha
    - * Resolved another outstanding issue with out-of-combat clicks
    - * Updated to Dongle-0.3.0-Alpha
    - Clique: * Change API to reflect changes to Dongle
    - * Resolved some outstanding issues with click priority, required signifgant changes * Out-of-combat clicks should now have the highest priority, followed by harm/help, followed by default * Resolved an issue with "Click Button" * Identified an issue with the left click binding not working across reloads on the default blizzard raid frames.  Do not have a fix for this yet, waiting on Blizzard * Fixed an issue where the blacklist was not properly being applied.  Blacklisted frames will no longer have attributes applied to them.
    - Clique: * Fixed icon issues, all non-set icons should now properly use the questionmark * Added custom radio buttons, courtesy Beladona
    - Clique: * Moved some localisation around * Added an edit box for macrotext when making a custom macro * Removed outdated Print() function * Added a "menu" action which will show the unit menu, if stored in the variable