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PLEASE NOTE: This addon requires ItemRack and gear sets in ItemRack call "Skinning", "Herbalism", "Mining" and "Mount" to know what to equip. Also this addon has only been written to work on an English client.


The addon works off the GameToolTip that pops up when you mouse over items. If you have this disabled for any reason it will not work. This also means that your gearset will not be updated until the GameToolTip changes so it might take a second or two after you mouse off a node to change your gear back.


The addon will compare your skill to the skill needed to harvest the node and only switch gear if you do not have a high enough profession skill. This is to help prevent you from getting stuck in you profession gear when harvesting a node if you get attacked by the other faction.


This addon is new so you might run into some bugs. Please give me some details if you find one.


Known Issues:

  • If you have a "Mount" set configured in ItemRack with the events it will clash with this addon. This addon now handles equiping a "Mount" set itself as the unquip of the ItemRack version was too slow and resulted in mixed gear sets being equiped.