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1.10 - Add ruRU locale, thanks to Hubbotu.

1.09 - Update of threat library.

1.08 - Fixed an issue where resisted pet spells were still counted.

1.07 - Update of threat library which contains various fixes.

1.06 - Fix an error that occurred when using nameplate threat coloring after the last update.

1.05 - Fix error that was occurring for Paladins who were buffed with Righteous Fury. Fixed calculations for Rockbiter Weapon. Some performance tweaks. Added a drag grip for resizing.

1.04 - Added zhCN localization (thanks to Qcat of 60addons), name truncation, minor adjustments, and ThreatClassic-1.0 update.

1.03 - Non public release which added a config option for adjustment of frame strata and the ability to drag from the header bar.

1.02 - Shorten unit name in the header when needed / Fixed PEW error.

1.01 - Fix for non-English clients