Classic Auto-attack Sounds

473 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 5, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3

This addon replaces auto attack sounds new to 7.0 with the classic ones, which every veteran WoW player can relate to.

HOW TO INSTALL; this AddOn is not installed like regular ones
Extract the downloaded file and you should get a folder named "Sound". Place this in your default WoW directory and launch the game.

Already have a Sound folder? Merge it with this one, or make sure that all the .ogg files have the correct paths, for instance: .../World of Warcraft/Sound/Item/Weapons/Dagger/"some_dagger_file.ogg".

To uninstall the AddOn simply delete all related files. If you use other sound modification AddOns, only delete the subfolder "Weapons". If you want to restore specific sounds, just delete the associated sound files.

Missing a sound?
If there's a sound missing, please leave a comment and it will be fixed.


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