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226K Downloads Updated Jul 31, 2018 Created Aug 21, 2009

Action recommendation for all rogue specs.

70.6K Downloads Updated Aug 10, 2017 Created Oct 29, 2008

Shows your current melee stats (Attack Power, Crit Chance, Hit Chance, Main and offhand...

384 Downloads Updated Aug 18, 2019 Created Aug 18, 2019

Track remaining time and amount of charges of your applied poisons easily

2.2K Downloads Updated Sep 26, 2019 Created Jan 29, 2017

Displays Roll The Bones statistics and probabilities.

69K Downloads Updated Oct 14, 2014 Created Dec 29, 2008


15.1K Downloads Created Feb 27, 2011

Rogue select cooldowns, energy, combo points and deadly poison as a small HUD

4.9K Downloads Updated Apr 12, 2019 Created Feb 13, 2014

Allows for easier tricks of the trade through a fly out menu on minimap

1.9K Downloads Updated Sep 17, 2018 Created Sep 16, 2018

Display icon to indicate whether or not target/focus units are 'sappable'.

12.5K Downloads Updated Oct 13, 2017 Created Oct 13, 2016

Bones you rolled, on your personal resource display!

66.9K Downloads Updated Jan 15, 2015 Created Jul 26, 2007

Track all threat redirection ability transfers and cooldowns (Misdirection and Tricks of the Trade).

5.3K Downloads Updated Aug 12, 2015 Created Aug 11, 2015

Simple Add-On for larger default combo points

2.7K Downloads Updated Oct 29, 2018 Created Aug 3, 2017

PoisonTracker keeps track of your poisons and reminds you before they run out.

8.7K Downloads Updated Feb 26, 2015 Created Sep 2, 2012

Holy Power, Shadow Orbs, Rogue Combo Points and Monk Chi.

18.5K Downloads Updated Dec 14, 2014 Created Oct 13, 2014

A better, simple combo point frame

183 Downloads Updated Oct 17, 2019 Created Oct 12, 2019

Send Lockboxes to other characters with one button.

2.7K Downloads Updated May 2, 2016 Created May 2, 2016

Makes the oldschool poison sound play when applying poisons to an enemy

43.4K Downloads Created Oct 20, 2011

Icons, bars, and priority suggestions for PvE Rogues on single target fights.

24.6K Downloads Updated Nov 6, 2016 Created Jul 30, 2015

Minimalistic Bar for your primary and secondary resource and anticipation

8.9K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2018 Created Jun 23, 2014

Combo point monitor for Feral Druids that can show your combo points faster than other...

9.7K Downloads Updated Sep 3, 2016 Created Jan 17, 2010

Tracks buffs and debuffs as bars that can be grouped, also energy and combo point...