This project is used to hide some windows like the Skada, Minimap and other frames to the chat frame with a label. It's a tiny project, so I only provide slash commands as the start point.


Use "/chatbind label" or "/ctb label"(the label is what to display on the chat tab) to start a binding process.


/chatbind Skada


then move mouse to the target frame, if it turn green, that means it can be bound.


Click Skada


The frame's name'll be displayed at the bottom-right, you can right-click the frame to cancel the process, or left-click the frame to bind it to a new chat frame.


Bound Skada


You can also use mouse wheel to toggle the frame's parent(wheel up) or frame itself(wheel down).


Bind Map


Wrong frame


In the example, we need the BattlefieldMinimap's parent, so we can mouse wheel up to change it :


Choose parent


Now we can click it to bind it to a new chat frame.


Bound Map


 From v003, there are two more options to modify the binding effect:


/chatbind label   -- The default command, will make the binding frame auto fit to the chat frame.

/chatbind label autoscale  -- keep the binding frame's width/height ratio.

/chatbind label keepsize  -- show the binding frame in a scroll form, Like :


With Scroll


From v005, you also can use mouse wheel to toggle those chat tabs.

From v012, you can toggle the chat tab just by pressing the first char of the tab's label, like press "M" for "Map", also can only use "M" to toggle between "Map" or "Message". It can be turn off by '/chatbindopt keyswitch on/off'  command.




1. You need download the  ploop and Scorpio lib for working.

2. Or you can use the Twitch.App to download it automatically.


Q: How do I release the frame?

A: Just close the chat tab.


Q: Why the frame don't display well in the chat frame?

A: I can't make sure which operation the frame will do to toggle it's position or size, but you can toggle the chat tabs to see if it can be solved.


Q: Can it be used on all frames?

A: No, you can't used it for all secure frames like raid panel, unit frames, action buttons. Also you can't used it on frame without a global name.


Q: Why my frames don't display well after toggling the chat tabs?

A: That' means the frames need special fix, you may check the SpecialFrameFix.lua, take the Skada or EnhanceBattleFieldMinimap as example, write down your own fix in the file. I will be very grateful if you can share your fix code.