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40.2K Downloads Updated Mar 27, 2021 Created Nov 14, 2020

LFG tool spam filtering, blacklisting and quick reporting

161K Downloads Updated Mar 10, 2021 Created Feb 3, 2020

The core library of the rare tracker addons.

335K Downloads Updated Mar 10, 2021 Created May 7, 2011

Another stupid fake achievement link generator

225K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2021 Created Jan 17, 2017

Extra Utilities for RCLootCouncil

187K Downloads Updated Apr 26, 2021 Created Aug 26, 2019

A visual interface replacement. It restyles the default interface, while adding many useful features.

575K Downloads Updated Mar 11, 2021 Created May 6, 2015

Notifies you and chosen friends about premade groups containing custom keywords

397K Downloads Updated Jun 21, 2020 Created Nov 17, 2019

Group Calendar for 1.12 upgraded for WoW Classic

470K Downloads Updated Aug 13, 2020 Created May 28, 2019

LFG Tool for World of Warcraft: Classic

41.4K Downloads Updated May 7, 2021 Created Mar 12, 2021

Social ranking for World of Warcraft

192K Downloads Updated Jan 3, 2021 Created Nov 7, 2014

In-game Gambling Addon, With Silent Chat to not disturb your group!

129K Downloads Updated Dec 15, 2020 Created Jul 12, 2019

Detects Waypoints in chat channels and adds a link to create a TomTom waypoint or...

43.9K Downloads Updated Apr 22, 2021 Created Dec 26, 2019

A LFG/LFM with Dungeons, Raids, PVP, Auto Invites for Premades, Blacklist and Load/Save Searches

164K Downloads Updated Apr 22, 2021 Created Nov 27, 2011

WoWpoPolsku-Quests displays translated quests in Polish

139K Downloads Updated Jan 6, 2021 Created Oct 1, 2016

Suppress giant frame and audio of talking heads

180K Downloads Updated Apr 15, 2021 Created Jun 7, 2018

Roll on items when using personal loot, in random or organized groups, incl. masterloot mode.

7.4K Downloads Updated May 6, 2021 Created Apr 1, 2021

Powerful and modular quality of life addon with a small resource footprint.

63.6K Downloads Updated Apr 1, 2021 Created Sep 14, 2018

Look who casted lust on your group

228K Downloads Updated Jul 30, 2020 Created Nov 23, 2019

A loot assistance addon for looting core hounds and other utilities

784K Downloads Updated May 1, 2021 Created Nov 4, 2007

QuickMark allows you to set the raid target icon of units quickly rather than having...

75.5K Downloads Updated Nov 18, 2020 Created Aug 2, 2018

This AddOn add a Skin to WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) v3 what looks very good...