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ChatAlerts allows you to select which docked ChatFrames will alert you when they have new activity.

ChatFrame tabs can have specific message-type filters set on them from the default UI. ChatAlerts gives you the option to listen for certain message types - when these message types are triggered, the appropriate tab will begin flashing to alert you to new activity.



  • Chat tabs will continue to flash until activated.
  • Chat tabs can be set to always show.
  • Chat tab borders can be removed.
  • Inactive chat tab names can be set to not fade.
  • Color picker for Active, Inactive, and Alert chat tab fonts.
  • Four different alert flash textures to choose from.
  • The alert flash can be disabled, in favor of using a different font color for the tab name.
  • Color picker for the alert flash texture.
  • Mouseover highlighting can be toggled.

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