An in-game keyboard of non-standard characters. CharacterMap endeavors to give you quick and easy access to every character supported by the default Windows WoW chat font. Characters are split into different layouts, which can be accessed by modifier keys (on your physical keyboard) or through a dropdown menu. The layouts are as follows:

NoneLower case modified letters
ShiftUpper case modified letters
ControlSymbol set 1
Control-ShiftSymbol set 2
AltDrawing set 1
Alt-ShiftDrawing set 2
Alt-Control-ShiftFull (all characters)

CharacterMap's keyboard will seamlessly type into any text area. It can be set to automatically show and hide, and to automatically anchor itself to the text area into which you are currently typing.

For configuration, type "/cm" or "/charactermap"

This addon currently only supports the English Windows client with the default game font. It will run on other clients and with other fonts, but some characters may be unsupported.