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Uploaded Oct 13, 2019
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  •   - added feature for semi automatic /who requests

To enable the semi automatic sending of /who requests go into the CensusPlusClassic options and at the bottom of the settings page enable

  •   - Send who request on mouse clicks in world
  •   - Send who request on mouse clicks in interface

Don't forget to do a /reload after this


After activating this settings who request will be triggered

  •   - on mouse clicks in the 3D window (like turning the camera with mouse, interacting with things in the world, clicking players, loot mobs etc.) and
  •   - on mouse clicks of most of the clickable buttons in the interface (this includes action bars as well, so no macros are needed to issue who requests by simply casting with the mouse)


Big thanks for this nice workaround goes to Ceron257