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CensusPlus came about due to requested changes and desired options not present in the original Census UI Mod by Ian Pieragostini.

I spoke with Ian (the original creator of the Census UI mod) and he has lost interest in World of Warcraft modding and encouraged me to modify the Census Mod to my liking. Thus I have done so.

The original Census UI Mod basically took snapshots of your current realm and faction. You could keep this data and combine it with other snapshots to provide greater statistical analysis.

CensusPlus offers many features above and beyond what the original Census UI mod provided. Here follows a list of added features:

* Abilty to minimize the main census window which provides you the abilty to actually play while a census is being taken
* Ability for the Friends panel to be automatically closed after each /who is sent to the server. This keeps the UI open from the main Census window
* Ability to pause and unpause the current census
* Ability to stop the current census in progress
* Added a /censusdate command which allows the user to place a date timestamp on all characters that are found during census's taken that day -- This helps facilitate greater accuracy in results when census data is uploaded to http://www.warcraftrealms.com
* GameTime timestamp added when characters are viewed which will be used by http://www.warcraftrealms.com if your data is uploaded

This new mod saves additional information in the SavedVariables.lua file. WarcraftRealms is still able to process both the old version of the SavedVariables.lua file and the new version. I will continue to support all data collection methods.


Unzip the files into your %World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory. It should create a CensusPlus directory with the installed files.

If you have Cosmos installed, CensusPlus will register itself with Cosmos and you can invoke the Census window by selecting the CensusPlus option from the Census menu.

You can also invoke the CensusPlus window by typing /censusplus or /census+

You can import your original Census UI Mod information by typing /censusimport

You can set the current date by typing /censusdate MM-DD-YYYY, for example typing /censusdate 12-25-2004 would set the current date to December 25, 2005.

You can select to automatically close the Friends panel when it pops open when a /who command is executed.

You can select to automatically display the Mini-Census button which must be visible in order for a Census to be taken while the main Census window is minimized.

By selecting the Take button from the main census panel, you will initiate a Census snapshot. Depending on the population of your realm and faction, this could take several minutes.

Clicking the Purge button will purge all your collected data from your local Census database.

Clicking the Stop button will stop the current census if one is in progress.

Clicking the Pause button will pause the current census if one is in progress.

If you so choose, you can upload your collected census information to http://www.warcraftrealms.com Doing so will greatly help in the tracking of your realm and faction's population numbers and statistics.

If you have any requests, comments, or suggestions, please post in the forums here.


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