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CensusPlus for mainline World of Warcraft aka retail version.

This version is updated to support the two new allied races introduced with WoW version 8.3.0 and the pre-order Death Knights.


Due to Blizzards requirement for manual interaction to trigger /who queries the option changes below must be made for the addon to work.

Also note that the CensusPlus relocatable mini-map button will now show either the current range of the next query (either in red or white numbers) or a green number between 1 and 6.

If you see a green number your trigger attempt was too soon.. and just keep playing until the delay time out has counted down.

I would recommend that you enable Verbose display at least until you get the feel of how often you can expect a /who query to be triggered.


Note you will need to modify these option setting in this addon.. you will want mouse click enabled as the manual trigger event that Blizzard wants now to query the server.

There are two mouse click options;

Clicks in world -   means it will enable the trigger if clicked on any non-interactive screen item.

Clicks in Interface - means clicking on an item that the standard interface uses as a game action trigger.



Either log out of your character and log back in, or issue on the chat line the following 

/reload UI



The later has two issues...

first Blizzard has not correctly configured all game action triggers as a hardware event needed to trigger the /who query.

second.. other addons may interact on the same game action button and cause a conflict between the two addons.

If you have this later issue disable the Clicks in interface option for CensusPlus



Note for people who upload data to www.Warcraftrealms.com.

The site is still suffering from the support software being changed without notice.

The site is mostly working and accepts uploads and displays most pages correctly.


We are still not really ready to open the site for new members... but if you really want you can register for a username and then Private message me here to let me know what name you registered.

I can't guarantee that the registration will go through, but it will up your odds.

as part of your PM to me include your location to the nearest major population area..

for example if you are in England.. London, England is good enough  if in Texas then  something like   Dallas, Texas, USA will work as I just need a general location.


URGENT NOTE: 19-Aug-2019:

CensusPlusClassic conflicts with CensusPlus


DO NOT install both addons into the same WoW client by mistake.
If you install both into the retail version client (aka live) and force activation by enabling OUT OF DATE, you will destroy your collected census data.
Remember CensusPlusClassic must be installed ONLY in _classic_
eg. C:/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\AddOns
CensusPlus will only work in _retail_
eg. C:/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns
attempting to install CensusPlus into the classic client.. should just fail as its version coding is far into the future where classic will probably never go.


Special note: 15-Aug-2014, 17-july-2016 In preparation for World of Warcraft v7.0 and LEGION expansion a major effort has been made to fix localization issues. If you are comfortable translating from English to other Blizzard supported languages please go to http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/census-plus/localization/ and add translations and/or review other translations. Thank you for your help in this endeavor.

Please note use \n to split lines for your translation instead of using the ENTER key. (LUA coding requirement)

You can always find the latest information on the Census mod at:



CensusPlus came about due to requested changes and desired options not present in the original Census UI Mod by Ian Pieragostini.

I spoke with Ian (the original creator of the Census UI mod) and he has lost interest in World of Warcraft modding and encouraged me to modify the Census Mod to my liking. Thus I have done so.

The original Census UI Mod basically took snapshots of your current realm and faction. You could keep this data and combine it with other snapshots to provide greater statistical analysis.

CensusPlus offers many features above and beyond what the original Census UI mod provided. Here follows a list of added features:

  • Abilty to minimize the main census window which provides you the abilty to actually play while a census is being taken
  • Ability to pause and unpause the current census
  • Ability to stop the current census in progress
  • GameTime timestamp added when characters are viewed which will be used by http://www.warcraftrealms.com if your data is uploaded

Census information is saved in the Savedvariables folder as CensusPlus.lua this is the file that is uploaded to WarcraftRealms

Installation: Unzip the files into your %World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory. It should create a CensusPlus directory with the installed files. Also to support moving and resizing of the options pane the addon ImprovedOptionsFrames is included.

THE FIRST TIME CensusPlus is run you will see an error.. log out your character (the missing files will be saved to disk) and log back in.

Usage: see changes tab for updated usage... chat window command line options demoted to immediate and temporary. Use the Options frame for all your needs.

/CensusPlus or /Census+ or /Census and following command as shown below:

  • /CensusPlus verbose _ Toggles verbose mode off/on
  • /CensusPlus options _ Brings up the Option window
  • /CensusPlus take _ Start a Census snapshot
  • /CensusPlus stop _ Stop a Census snapshot
  • /CensusPlus prune X _ Prune the database by removing characters not seen in X days on current realm - X defaults to 30 days
  • /CensusPlus serverprune X _ Prune the database by removing all data from servers other than the one you are currently on - X defaults to 0 days.
  • /CensusPlus who name _ Will display info that matches names or guilds.
  • /CensusPlus who unguilded 70 _ Will list unguilded characters of that level.
  • /CensusPlus timer X _ Will set the autocensus timer (in minutes).
  • /CensusPlus me _ Does Census update of player only.. this is done automatically when /CensusPlus take finishes.

You can also invoke the CensusPlus window by clicking on the CensusPlus Button that default to the mini-map but can be moved anywhere. Clicking the right (alternate) button on the mouse will show a drop down option window.

By selecting the Take button from the main census panel, you will initiate a Census snapshot. Depending on the population of your realm and faction, this could take several minutes.

Clicking the Purge button will purge all your collected data from your local Census database.

Clicking the Stop button will stop the current census if one is in progress.

Clicking the Pause button will pause the current census if one is in progress.

Once you have census data locally you can click on Race, Class, or Level icons or bars to bring up more detail on your current realms population.

If you so choose, you can upload your collected census information to http://www.warcraftrealms.com Doing so will greatly help in the tracking of your realm and faction's population numbers and statistics. You can create your own login at http://www.warcraftrealms.com to keep track of your upload activity, or upload anonymously.

If you have any requests, comments, or suggestions, please post in the forums at http://www.warcraftrealms.com