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Filename CensusPlus-V6.0.1b_-_Toc_50300.zip
Uploaded by left2hand4dark
Uploaded Jun 3, 2013
Game Version 5.3.0  
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Includes the updated LibWho-2.0-2.0.126 (Thanks Sylvanaar for the update)
reset processing status back to using the lib as default.

 added code to toggle CensusPlus window and CensusPlus button to Hide when user enters Pet Battle, and then If previously these items were in Show status it reset them back to show at close of Pet Battle.
Note: if you open CensusPlus while already in Pet Battle any display issues are your own to handle, not mine.

pushed toc to 50300

Emergency patch update - reverted to old standard API interface for processing of who calls to Blizzard's server.
The wholib library is incorrectly returning all queries as completed even when the return results indicate more data exists for the query then can be retrieved from the in a single pull.

the addon will incorrectly indicate wholib is in use (I've left the files in the directory) just ignore that.