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CastBarZ is a modulable casting bar addon


CastBarZ is designed to be impressive and motivating with a its really enjoyable 3D animation.

this addon is at the moment recommended for good to very good hardware, as sizing 3D frame real-time can be quite expensive.

However, I will use my computer science and optimizing skills to make this cost as lower as possible.


To enhance quality of life, it will be possible to disable 3D model, allowing to use the addon on lower hardware configs too, while keeping using this addon by habits


Features :

  • options command /castbarz or /cbz
  • options table editable in the interface menu. At the moment, the profile is bound to each character. You can  modify width, height, offset, and more is coming
  • probably some custom 2D bar textures allowing more awesome 2D/3D style mixes


Todo :

  • A configuration tab allowing to change parameters like positions, colors, fonts is on the table.
  • Im investigating a way to let user choose it's own 3D model too, to make it's own 3D Cast bar creation
  • Extract component in a lib, allowing other addons to use 3D castbars too !