Can't Heal You

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Uploaded by efindel
Uploaded Dec 20, 2009
Game Version 3.3.0
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2.02 - won't try to whisper people cross-servers, since that's not possible yet

2.01 - bugfix for flight master bug, loss of control bug

2.0 - updated ToC for WoW 3.3, and added /chyw command for manual range-check-and-whisper in macros

1.6 - added throttling of whispers; default is one per 10 seconds per player

1.5 - added slash commands to turn on and off notifications, and to set the messages sent

1.0 - first version

If you're already out of range when you start the spell cast, Can't Heal You won't send a whisper.  This can be worked around by making a macro using the /chyw command (described in the README)

It only whispers the target of a spell.  For example, if you do Greater Blessing of Wisdom, and the target is in range, but other party/raid members aren't, those who aren't won't get whispered, since they're not being directly targeted.