Can I Mog It?

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FAQ/Other Addons

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Bag Addons/Interface Packages

Since most bag addons replace the Blizzard frames, we have to manually support each addon. Some of the addons work partly by default, but many do not.

Below is the list that we hope to eventually support. Check each addon's ticket for details.

Bag Addons

Partially Supported Bagnon - #42 - Bag and Bank supported! Fully Supported ArkInventory - #40 - Supported! Fully Supported AdiBags - #34 - Supported! Fully Supported LiteBag - #38 - Supported! Not Supported OneBag3 / OneBank3 / OneBag4 - #39 Not Supported Combuctor - #43 Not Supported Baggins - #35 Not Supported Baud Bag - #36 Not Supported Inventorian - #200 Not Supported cargBags Nivaya - #46

Interface Packages

Fully Supported ElvUI - #44 - Supported! Fully Supported TukUI - Works by default Not Supported LUI - #45

Other Addons

We are not overly interested in supporting other addons outside of bags because of the time required. If you are wanting to add support for a particular addon you can submit a merge request and we'll look at implementing it. You can also upload it as a separate addon as a plugin for Can I Mog It!