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Several BfA BoE items show as "learned from another item" when they are learned from a restricted item

#183 By  Forge_User_42826978

Created Aug 18, 2018 Updated Nov 13, 2020


What steps will reproduce the problem?

Get the BoE item in your bag, bank or mail. 

Equiping the BoE shows the learned text, and makes the mog available in the transmog window.


What did you expect? What do you see instead?

Item wasn't learned (see screenshot attached), didn't expect to show as learned from another item as it wasn't learned yet.
Expected it to show the not learned yet icon/text.
Noticed there is a blue quest obtainable version, however I do not own it at this time. 


What was the item name? Please attach a screenshot of the Debug tooltip (/cimi debug).

 Loa-Blessed Battleaxe (confirmed several others give the same problem)


What was the level and class of the character you were on?

 119 Paladin


What version are you using?



Do you have an error log?



Please provide any additional information below.

Aug 18, 2018

Thanks for the report.


Please take a screenshot with the /cimi debug tooltip enabled, it has a lot of details on it that we need.

Aug 18, 2018

Thank you for the fast response, attached is the /cimi debug tooltip.
Note I have since dinged 120 and I learned the item, so the initial debug state is missing.

Aug 18, 2018

Okay, what it looks like is going on is that you know it from a Horde appearance:


What's odd is that is a Horde-only quest reward.  Blizzard seems to be awarding some Horde appearances for unrelated Alliance quests.  I'm going to write up a Blizzard bug report, because this seems odd.


Technically, you did know it from another item, just for some reason it's not linked in the Appearances window.


GitLab issue:

AmiYuy   added a tag
  Aug 18, 2018
Aug 19, 2018

This seems to happen with World Quests that are done on the opposite faction's zones for me.  I unlocked the Alliance version of a glove through questing, but the Horde version shows as being collected even though the appearance and transmog windows don't show it.


Sep 1, 2018

I can confirm that entire sets have this problem, tested for MAIL and PLATE. This stuff looks very "zandalari" so yes i think they comes from opposite faction zones.


tooltip BEFORE equipping the item (left) and AFTER equipping it (right)

Sep 1, 2018

A couple more examples for LEATHER (left BEFORE equipping it and right AFTER equipping and learning it)


Edited Sep 1, 2018

Sep 1, 2018

The plate STORMFORGER set has the same issue on an alliance character, oddily enough THE HELM shows the correct tooltip (rest of the set is "learned from another item"





Nov 13, 2020

Unfortunately I didn't screenshot it beforehand, but I just had this issue playing a Horde Hunter, and finding a Gnarlwood Crossbow. It was an unknown appearance that the addon reported as being learned from another item.

I then equipped it and actually learned it.
My Alliance Hunter never got past level 11 and didn't quest in Boralus, but I did quest a lot with a Rogue there.


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