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9.1.5v1.32 - 2021/12/01

9.1.5 update

  • Updated TOC.
  • #259 Fixed error for trial accounts in Auction House (Thanks @Adrian_G2).
  • #260 Updated to support new Guild Bank code.

9.1.0v1.31 - 2021/06/29

9.1 update

  • Updated TOC.
  • #255 Updated the renamed Blizzard endpoint from C_Transmog.GetItemInfo to the new name of C_Transmog.CanTransmogItem.
  • #257 Updated the DressUpModel code to catch variations in items.

9.0.2v1.30 - 2020/11/19

  • #250 Updated TOC, removed nolib due to Curseforge bug.

9.0.1v1.29 - 2020/11/08

  • #248 Fix another nil error from TSM.

9.0.1v1.28 - 2020/10/24

  • #248 Fix error when TSM consumes Auctionator.
  • #249 Fixed C stack overflow with Auctionator.
  • CF #245 Strip embeds.xml for nolib.

9.0.1v1.27 - 2020/10/14

  • #247 Fix LiteBag error.

9.0.1v1.26 - 2020/10/13

9.0 update, bugfixes, cargBags Nivaya support, and Auctionator shopping list support!

cargBags Nivaya support!

Auctionator Shopping List support!

  • #46 cargBags Nivaya support thanks to wcogan!
  • #135 Fixed bug when attempting to clean old DB items. No more phantom negative database prints!
  • #162 Updated transmog level restrictions logic for 9.0.
  • #197 Fixed non-item quest rewards showing icon.
  • #226, #227, #237, #238 Tested tooltips and overlays to ensure they are working as expected on 9.0 including supported addons except for AdiBags.
  • #228 Reworked Quest overlay for 9.0 changes.
  • #232 Updated TOC for 9.0.1 and add checkmark texture after name.
  • #233 Fixed overlay not displaying on new Quest Rewards frames.
  • #234 Fixed pairs error going through portal.
  • #236 Fixed MAX_CONTAINER_ITEMS being removed by Blizzard.
  • #240 Added support for Auctionator's Shopping List.
  • #241 Limited length of red text on tooltip.
  • #246 Added support for Bagnon Guild Bank and Void Storage.
  • CF #240 & Commit 39935715 Change localization L to non-global.
  • PR #5 Merge pull request from Resike with small fix for database.

8.3.0v1.25 Release - 2020/02/12

  • #221 Fix another error due to TSM eating AH window.

8.3.0v1.24 Release - 2020/02/10

  • #221 Fix error due to TSM eating auction house window.

8.3.0v1.23 Release - 2020/02/09

Auction House overlay is back!

Auction House overlay is back!

  • #211 New Auction House is supported.
  • #220 If you see a ? icon in the AH, press Search again and it will go away, there is a Blizzard bug on first searches sometimes.

8.3.0v1.22 Release - 2020/01/14

  • #211 Removed old Auction House code, new Auction House code coming soon.

8.2.5v1.21 Release - 2019/12/23

  • #215 Fixed Bagnon Plugin errors after Bagnon update.

8.2.5v1.20 Release - 2019/11/12

  • #214 Fixed options showing up outside of settings window.

8.2.5v1.19 Release - 2019/11/12

  • #213 Changed Icon Location dropdown to a radio button grid to avoid taint.

8.2.5v1.18 Release - 2019/10/23

  • #212 Added C_Timer.After for ArkInventory so CIMI's options are loaded.

8.2.5v1.17 Release - 2019/10/22

Icon location can now be changed! /cimi to open the options menu!

Icons move

  • #11 Added option to move the icon location everywhere except for on Quests and in the Adventure Journal.
  • #210 Fixed Bagnon not working in some cases by adding to Optional Dependencies.

8.2.5v1.16 Release - 2019/10/05

Fixes for errors and TOC update.

  • #207 No longer updates appearances during loading screens.
  • #208 Makes sure item link is valid before adding to DB.
  • Updated TOC.

8.2.0v1.15 Release - 2019/06/25

  • #204 Change Blizzard constant for mail attachments in received mail window.
  • #205 ArkInventory overlay plugin update.
  • Updated TOC.

8.1.5v1.14 Release - 2019/03/14

  • #202 Fixed error due to removal of WorldMapTooltip.
  • Updated TOC.

8.0.0v1.13 Release - 2018/10/17

Added Bagnon support (thanks to LudiusMaximus).

  • #42 Added Bagnon support.
  • #163 Fixed memory issue with Battle Pets.

8.0.0v1.12 Release - 2018/10/11

Fixed issue with icons being left behind.

  • #187 Changed containers to hook UpgradeIcon event.

8.0.0v1.11 Release - 2018/08/05

Added the overlay to the quests frame!

Quest Overlay

  • #25 Added the overlay to the quests frames.
  • #192 Prevent error when sourceID is nil for learning appearances.
  • #193 Added database debug print command, /cimi dbprint.
  • #194 Add value of tooltip text result to debug tooltip.
  • Workaround for GETITEMINFO_RECEIVED bug from 8.0 added by Resike.

8.0.0v1.10 Release - 2018/07/29

Fixed ArkInventory.

  • #86 & #190 Fixed ArkInventory overlay and ArkInventory offline character mode.
  • #187 Fixed overlay not always updating after certain actions.
  • #191 Added 3 BfA pre-patch world quest items to exception list (monk shoulders, monk gloves, hunter shoulders).

8.0.0v1.9 Release - 2018/07/17

Patch 8.0 and LiteBag support.

LiteBag overlay!

  • #38 LiteBag support added by LiteBag author Xodiv.
  • Updated TOC.

7.3.5v1.8 Release - 2018/07/09

Items with Class Restrictions are now properly considered for if you know the appearance or not based on the class you are on.

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Added "/cimi count" which reports the total number of known appearances across all characters.
  • #185 Fixed issue with class restrictions not being taken into account.
  • #168 & #176 Fixes for database storage of Class Restriction information.
  • #182 Fixes PairByKeys error when jumping from a very old version of the addon to a new version.
  • #172 Fixes the tooltip not showing up after multiple chat link clicks.

7.3.5v1.7.2 Release - 2018/05/27

  • #169 Avoid lag when looting by only recalculating the looted item, not all items.

7.3.5v1.7.1 Release - 2018/03/30

  • #174 & #175 Hopefully prevents memory leak by removing DressUpModel redraw.

7.3.5v1.7 Release - 2018/03/25

Bug fixes

  • #151 Hopefully fixes the DressUpModel giving bad source IDs.
  • #167 Add trial/boost versions of invisible Salvage Yard items to exception list.

7.3.2v1.6 Release - 2018/01/15

Added Black Market Auction House overlay!

Black Market Auction House overlay!

  • #152 Added overlay to Black Market Auction House.
  • #153 Hopefully prevented errors when the cache is reset mid-calculations.

7.3.2v1.5 Release - 2017/12/27

Bug fix: Fix nil cache errors and compounding lag.

  • #144 & #145 Changed order of cache.lua and code.lua in TOC to prevent missing cache issue.
  • #146 Fix compounding lag caused from getting source ID from DressUpModel frame.
  • #150 Changed the debug tooltip to not reset the cache.

7.3.2v1.4 Release - 2017/12/16

Bug fix: Overlay and tooltip should now always update after learning an item. If it does not please let us know!

  • #133 Changed how caching is stored, from itemLink to sourceID to hopefully properly remove items from the cache.

7.3.2v1.3 Release - 2017/11/29

Bug fix: Set appearance list now properly updates.

  • 142 Fixed set list ratio text not updating when learning appearance.

7.3.2v1.2 Release - 2017/11/27

Bug fixes

  • #14 Duplicate tooltips should no longer happen (ElvUI, TipTac, Guild Rewards window, etc.)
  • #105 Deadeye Monocle marked as Cannot be learned.
  • #133 Slight delay added to tooltip/icon update to try to prevent it missing the event and not updating at all.
  • #134 Patterns that craft an item now properly show tooltips. (Only the pattern shows the tooltip, not the item listed on it.)
  • #138 Set count now updates when learning/unlearning an item.
  • #139 Hopefully fixed the bad sourceID issue which was causing Cannot Learn messages on unexpected items.


  • #132 Tooltip and overlay added to Mythic Keystones.
  • Added tooltips to crafting reagents in crafting windows.
  • Rework of tooltip generation to be more consistent across the game.

7.3.2v1.1 Release - 2017/11/19

Bug fix: Resolved the lag when learning or unlearning an appearance.

  • #120 Learning an appearance now only clears that item from the cache. The cache is no longer reset every time an item is learned.

7.3.2v1.0 Release - 2017/10/30

Bug fixes including preventing an error caused by Bagnon.

Tweaks to Auctioneer exception and Soulbound overlay display.

  • #62 Fixed Exception items not showing the overlay.
  • #63 Changed some exception items to show Cannot be learned instead of Learned because while they're invisible and share AppearanceID with the Hidden items, technically they cannot be learned themselves. Added a few more exception items.
  • #103 Fixed old work-around with Tabard assignment.
  • #129 Improved Auctioneer check to only disable the overlay when CompactUI is enabled.
  • #130 Bind on Pickup items that cannot be learned by your current character will now show the green negative icon everywhere (vendors, looting, etc.).
  • #131 Fixed bug when Blizzard's guild bank frames aren't loaded due to an addon (Bagnon). Release - 2017/10/08

Prevent Auctioneer from loading icons.

  • #127 Prevent the icon overlays from showing up in the Auction House when Auctioneer is enabled (it is not yet supported). Release - 2017/10/08

Bug fixes for overlay.

  • #119 Overlay now uses Blizzard constants in more places, which means addons like Extended Vendor UI will work more often (although they may still have issues).
  • #116 & #117 Auction House overlay now updates when options are changed and is included in the Show Bag Icons option. Release - 2017/09/10

Bug fixes.

  • #95 Tooltips and bags overlay will now properly display Cannot Learn: Soulbound instead of Cannot Learn: Reason if you moused over an item before looting.
  • #98 Encounter Journal overlay will update if you have it open and then loot and learn an item. Release - 2017/08/29

Bump TOC for 7.3. Release - 2017/08/26

ElvUI bags and bank now have the overlay!

ElvUI bags & bank overlay!

  • #18 Added some more slash commands.
  • #44 Added support for ElvUI bags and bank. Also Tradeskills windows now update correctly.
  • #106 Updated options menu checkbox sound to use 7.3 API.
  • #112 Cleaned up Locales in TOC. Release - 2017/08/20

Prevents errors with addons that overwrite the default Auction House. Release - 2017/08/20

Auction House now has the overlay!

Auction House overlay!

  • #24 Added the overlay to the default Auction House (code from crappyusername).
  • #97 Separated the overlay code into different files and their own subfolder. Release - 2017/07/16

Release of database change. You cannot downgrade from this version to older versions! If you do you will have to delete your CanIMogIt.lua save variables file! Beta - 2017/07/09

Changed how the database stores items so that items of different types that share appearances are not stored together. Release - 2017/06/10

Fixed log-in and loading screen lag. (#58 & #89) Release - 2017/05/07

ArkInventory now supported!

ArkInventory support!

  • #40 Added ArkInventory support (with code from @Urtgard). Release - 2017/04/16

New feature: Progress numbers added to the Appearance Sets list!

Appearance Sets Counter

  • #79 Bugfix with Timewalking items and source type.
  • #71 Added small ratio for variants in Sets window.
  • Updated TOC to 7.2. Release

Added tooltips for new Transmog Sets.

Sets Tooltips

18 Mar, 2017

  • #70 & #72 Added set information to the tooltip, along with an option to enable/disable.
  • #55 Updated C_TransmogCollection.ClearSearch to use 7.2 api. Release

Bug fixes.

18 Mar, 2017

  • #67 Fixed bug with too low level and cannot learn transmog.
  • #67 Adjusted logic to for being too low level to make more sense.

05 Mar, 2017

  • #59 Optimizations for checking/updating the database.
  • #31 Fixed icon overlay not updating when bags are opened individually.
  • #48 Fixed bug with weapons returning as equippable incorrectly.

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