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Button Forge - Masque Support

This is a simple configuration-less add-on that improves the Masque support in Button Forge.

What does it do?

The fixes/improvements this add-on provides are:

  • Button Forge buttons are immediately skinned after reloading.
  • Button Forge buttons stay skinned when moving or adding spells/items/pets/etc.
  • Button Forge buttons stay skinned when the spell texture changes because of a macro modifier.

Why did I make it?

Button Forge is a very large part of my custom interface, but it always annoyed me how it wouldn't play nicely with Masque. Whenever I would reload my UI, move a spell, or changed a macro icon, it would remove the clean square texture from the "Dream" skin. My UI is pretty flat, and the buttons I used in Button Forge looked kind of off with the Blizzard borders, so I made this add-on to improve the Masque support in Button Forge and fix these issues.