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Buffzilla is a simple buff reminder addon. You tell it watchs you the buffs your missing. Then Buffzilla will present you click a clickable notification which re-buffs you with the missing buff.

Type, link, or drag buffs you want to track into the box box in the options window. The priority by which the buffs are checked is determined by line order in the box. If you specify a comma-separated list of spells you will only get the Notifier when the buff that was last active expires. If Buffzilla doesn't know which buff was last active it will show the Notifier for the first spell in the list.

Slash Command

Buffzilla has the following slash command /buffzilla or the shorter /bz. Using the it by itself will bring up the options window. The clear command will clear your watch list and the watch command lets you add a spell or a group of spells. the watch command will also accept links from your spellbook. See the examples below to get a feel for it.

  • /buffzilla watch Arcane Brilliance
  • /buffzilla watch Mage Armor, Molten Armor, Ice Armor

The Notifier can be repositioned by right-clicking on the buff icon and dragging it around the screen.