This is the continued effort to develop the abandoned Buff'o'mat addon popular in Classic, onward TBC Classic, WotLK Classic and now Cataclysm Classic.


Classic, TBC, WotLK and Cataclysm

Buffomat Classic is compatible with Classic (and flavours like hardcore and the Season of Discovery), TBC Classic, WotLK Classic and Cataclysm Classic.



Buffomat is a semi-automatic buff, self-buff and resurrection system. It will make life of buffing classes easy. But also Buffomat is great for non-buffing classes to maintain weapon enchants, consumables and elixir buffs. For example, for Shamans it will reapply weapon enchants and lightning shield; For Rogues it will reapply poisons and elixirs; For Warriors it would reapply elixirs and Battle Shout (if you have 10 rage) useful when chain-pulling while leveling or raiding. Moreover, Buffomat can cancel undesirable buffs, for example rage tanks would not like to ever be power word shielded, or buffed spirit and intellect - there are checkboxes for it!


The mod requires 1 macro slot to operate. You can drag the macro out to your action bars, or you can assign a shortcut key in Key Bindings → Other, or you can keep clicking the cast button in the main addon window. Choose which buffs must be active on the group (or yourself). Have a reminder to reapply the buff, a reminder to resurrect the dead, and other useful reminders like removing your AD trinket or the Carrot on a stick!



  • Single buffs and self buffs for all classes. If Group Buff version exists, it will be used in a larger party.
  • Will try and resurrect dead players, even if they are ghosts (there is an option for it)
  • Buff consumables are supported: Potions, elixirs, flasks, jujus, crystal power, food. Full support for TBC.
  • Weapon enchantments: mana oil, wizard oil, sharpening stones etc.
  • Weapon enchantments for shamans, 2handed and dual-wield support.
  • Poison enchantments for rogues: separate main and offhand.
  • Will try and prevent buffing PvP flagged players in outer world if you don't have PvP flag.
  • Can limit raid groups to be watched and buffed (for example, you might want to only buff groups 1 and 2)
  • Can include and exclude named players from group buffs (expand window to the right and find include and exclude buttons)
  • Can automatically cancel a few buffs like intellect, spirit, fortitude.
  • Will postpone rebuffing target if buffing failed due to line of sight or other unpredictable condition, will proceed with next target on the list
  • Will reorder spell queue if mana does not allow a bigger buff, to maximise the buffing


Force Cast & Exclude

Buffomat allows you to include or/and exclude currently selected group target — for this click a party member and then click the force cast or exclude button. Force cast will watch additional targets to buff. Exclude will remove them from the buff candidates, and thus never buff. The settings of force cast and exclude are saved per character.


Internet Links

Github https://github.com/kvakvs/BuffomatClassic

TBC era review https://youtu.be/IdZapmZwBWM?t=410 (starts at 6:50)

Older review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tta5P3BDPtg