Buffet is a food/water macro generator originally developed by tekkub and currently maintained by mZHg.



What's new :

  • Added support for Toxic Health Potion (Retail; enUS/frFR/deDE)
  • Added list of available items in custom macro, sorted by value decreasing, see the GitHub wiki page for more info



Feel free to report any bug or request any feature here :)




  • Dynamically scan your bag for usable food, drink, potion, rune, managem and bandage
  • Provide 6 macros auto-magically updated (out of combat)
    • Consumable and food/drink
    • Food and Drink only
    • Consumable only
  • Allow configuration of modifiers used by macros
  • Option to default macros to hearthstone if no item found
  • Option to consider "well-fed" food items in macros
  • Option to consider "toxic" potion items in macros (Retail)
  • Support dark and demonic runes
  • Support Classic Wow
  • Custom macro using lua scripting language, see here for more info
  • User-defined ignore list (per characters)




Currently supporting the following localizations:


For retail:

  • English (enUS)
  • Deutsch (deDE)
  • Español (esES)
  • Français (frFR)
  • Italiano (itIT)


For Cataclysm:

  • English (enUS)
  • Deutsch (deDE)
  • Español (esES)
  • Français (frFR)
  • Korean (koKR) provided by coderhyme


For classic:

  • English (enUS)
  • Deutsch (deDE)
  • Español (esES)
  • Français (frFR)



Partially supporting the following localizations:


For Retail, Cataclysm and Classic:

  • Simplified Chinese (zhCN) provided by Witnesscm



If you want to contribute to localizations, pull requests are welcome!