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Uploaded by funkehdude
Uploaded Feb 3, 2019
Game Version 8.1.0
Size 2.41 MB
Downloads 137,977
MD5 f3cb5f06ca5bf0ccbaa7985279fcd675
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v133 (2019-02-04)

Full Changelog

  • Bump version
  • BattleOfDazaralor: Fix loading locale for alliance players, closes #584
  • Update zhTW/zhCN (#589)
  • Update zhTW (#585)
  • Update zhCN (#588)
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Opulence: Fix gem room InfoBox, Update bars fade after swap
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Blockade: Change Siren spawn to a different event
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Grong: Add say and flash to Bestial Throw target
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Rastakhan: Reset Detonation count on pull
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Rastakhan: Add count to Scorching Detonation
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Grong: Add count to Death Knell / Tantrum
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Blockade: Move some variables around
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Blockade: Fix spell id
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Blockade: Fix Siren bars for mythic p2
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Blockade: Add Mythic Timers
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Opulence: Fix Crush spell ids, timer updates
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Opulence: Remove unused Log registration
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Opulence:
    • Add InfoBoxes for Crown Jewels and Topaz of Brilliant Sunlight
    • Add messages for Jewels
    • Add Chaotic Displacement
    • Add option to fade out bars in P1 (default enabled)
    • Only warn for abilities of your construct during P1
    • Fix Pulse-quickening Toxin

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