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Uploaded by funkehdude
Uploaded Feb 1, 2019
Game Version 8.1.0
Size 2.41 MB
Downloads 113,910
MD5 664c6eacd083e9bfb4c2de26677b3b41
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v132 (2019-02-01)

Full Changelog

  • bump version
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Trash: Fix incorrect announcement of who stabbed you.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/GrongHorde: Missed a bit in previous commit.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Grong: Fix missing Mythic id for Ferocious Roar.
  • Uldir/Zul: Remove the custom code for markers in warnings.
  • BattleOfDazaralor: Fix some TargetsMessage usage.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Jaina: Add respawn
  • BattleOfDazaralor: Update modules using TargetsMessage with custom markers to use the API instead.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Jaina: Fix berserk
  • Core/BossPrototype: Make sure the markers table is wiped after use.
  • Core/BossPrototype: Fix bad copy paste
  • Core/BossPrototype: Test out adding player marker capability to TargetsMessage.

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