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Uploaded by funkehdude
Uploaded Jan 27, 2019
Game Version 8.1.0
Size 2.41 MB
Downloads 74,478
MD5 13fc91fcaf42b8ec40481dfbec56b8d8
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v129 (2019-01-28)

Full Changelog

  • Bump version
  • BattleOfDazaralor: Update option files
  • BattleOfDazaralor: Update locales
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Jaina: Update option keys
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Jaina: Stage Support, Add Chilled Touch Infobox, Timer Updates, Broadside Markers and Timers, Siegebreaker Blast Added.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Trash: Fix bad copy paste.
  • BattleOfDazaralor: Add trash module
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Blockade: P1 overhaul (Only show messages for abilities on your boat, fade out other bars), overall timer fixes
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Mekkatorque: Emphasize Buster Cannon by default and change sound to "warning".
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Conclave: Fix Mind Wipe and Akundas Wrath messages
  • Update zhTW. (#581)

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