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Uploaded by funkehdude
Uploaded Jan 21, 2019
Game Version 8.1.0
Size 2.40 MB
Downloads 66,146
MD5 0aea0d73402139eae807a7e71a222919
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v124 (2019-01-22)

Full Changelog

  • Update option files
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Flamefist: Comment out some unused code.
  • Fix parser errors
  • Fix loading BattleOfDazaralor for git users.
  • Update option files
  • bump version
  • BattleOfDazaralor: Add Locales (#574)
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Jaina: Add counter to Ring of Ice and Icefall
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Mekkatorque: Add counter to Spark Bot summons and change Gigavolt Charge to say "Bomb" for clarification
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Guardian: Add counter to Spirits of Gold
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Flamefist: Change around say messages
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Blockade: Add counter to Ire of the Deep and Storm's Wail
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Rastakhan: Add counter to Plague of Toads, Shorten Plague of Fire say message
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Frida: Add Wave of Light Counter
  • BattleOfDazaralor: Updates for raid release
  • CrucibleOfStorms/Cabal: Define variable
  • CrucibleOfStorms/Cabal: Drycode for PTR
  • frFR Update (#571)
  • update zhCN. (#570)

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