BigWigs Bossmods

Last Updated: Oct 14, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Mar 25, 2008

Owner: funkydude


v121 (2018-10-14)

Full Changelog

  • Plugins/Statistics: Cleanups
  • bump version
  • Plugins/Statistics: Fix wipes not registering since d5e98ee584b354f6fca84e5d462fcba27b62d8be
  • Uldir/Mother: Improve Wind Tunnel and Beam timers due to delays of other spells
  • Uldir/Zekvoz: Fix variable
  • Uldir/Zekvoz: Hardcode spellId
  • Uldir/Zekvoz: Only show one Surging Darkness Eruption bar at a time
  • Uldir/Ghuun: Add a red cross icon to Blood Feast countdown to differentiate from other countdowns
  • Uldir/Taloc: Cancel Cudgel of Gore timer in case it casts slightly early
  • Uldir/Mythrax: Cancel intermission bar in case it ends early
  • Uldir/Vectis: Always play a sound when Gestate is cast, not only when on you (#562 & #563)