BigWigs Bossmods

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5


Mar 25, 2008

Owner: funkydude


v141 (2019-03-15)

Full Changelog

  • bump version
  • Update option files
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Rastakhan: Make seal of purification faster, closes #614
  • Update esES (#621)
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Opulence: Show a message when hex is removed from you.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Rastakhan: Show stack warnings for Deathly Withering when in the death realm.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Champion: Cancel the disorient bar if you kill the crusader mid cast.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Rastakhan: Cancel the leap countdown and show a message when Roka dies mid cast.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Jaina: Add a VerifyEnable to prevent re-enabling after winning.
  • BattleOfDazaralor/Blockade: Add Crackling Lightning warning.