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Improves the Blizzard archaeology UI.

  • Replaces the Current Artifacts tab with a more compact layout that shows all races on a single page.
  • Hover over a race to see a tooltip for the current item if it's interesting; vendor junk items will just show the name.
  • Right-click to solve the artifact. If it can only be solved with the use of keystones, the progress text on the bar is shown in yellow. If it can be solved with or without keystones, you can hold shift while you right-click to solve without the keystones.
  • The progress bar includes any keystones you have in your bag in the count. The first time you open the window, there will be a small delay before keystones are counted.
  • Adds a Future Artifacts tab that shows all the interesting artifacts you haven't yet discovered.
  • It's filterable by race just like the Completed Artifacts tab.
  • Adds notifications when an artifact becomes solvable, or when you're approaching the maximum number of fragments for a race.

It should be considered a well-polished beta. Messages may print to your chat frame in case of unexpected behavior -- please report these, along with details about what you were doing when they appeared, a screenshot of your Current Artifacts tab at the time, a list of other addons you're running, and anything else you think may be relevant.

Bug reports and feature ideas are best posted on GitHub.