Baud Bag

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Uploaded by gsnerf
Uploaded Apr 28, 2011
Game Version 4.1.0
Size 34.97 KB
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MD5 ec63ef52c3fde861bda69d2c868e972a
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=== Changelog ===

  - adopted Changes for Patch 4.1 (new ToggleAllBags behavior)

  - added bag search (allowing lua style pattern matching)
  - added option setting to close the whole bag set when closing the first container of a set
  - added highlighting of container slots when mouse hovers over bags slots in bank or backpack
  - fixed opening of original bankframe when baudbags own bank frame is disabled

  - major restructuring of inner workings
  - added new token view for up to 5 tokens in the first backpack container
  - moved options to regular wow options interface
  - changed rarity coloring to be a bit more discrete (thanks to eldaveo)
  - added russian and korean translations
  - fixed cost view for next bank slot
  - fixed auto open issue when visiting a vendor or mail

  - updated a big part of the addon to comply with recent changes in the UI-API
  - updated toc to 40000

=== Known Issues ===

If the columns of the first bagpack container are set to a low value the visible tokens and money may be visible outside the bag frame.