Battleground Buddy is your buddy for quick calls on the battleground.

Battleground Buddy was created with a lot of passion and attention to detail - your faction and class are visually represented. The buttons are always in the color of your class.

Some buttons like "Incoming", "Big" or "clear" always give out your current location and always send the situation and your location to your mates with the same button.



  • /bgb - call up config
  • Shift + left mouse moves the window


More Details

  • The bar below shows the current honor level and the progress to the next level.
  • In addition, your name is always in the title - not necessary, but nice, in my opinion.
  • From version 1.0.2: Share the AddOn with your mates using the share button! 
  • From version 1.1.0: Individual buttons are now available for different battlegrounds that meet the requirements of the corresponding battlegrounds.
  • From version 1.1.4: Three buttons to share your love with your mates: Hey, good luck!, "Good job!" and “Nice heal!”.
  • From version 1.3.0: From now on, choose which look you like. I've created the first four skins for Battleground Buddy's appearance - more to come.
  • From version 1.4.0: Freely scalable buddy - check out the options!
  • From version Themed skins regardless of the class played!
  • From version New clean mode to concentrate on what's most important! 


Support? Okay!

I'm creating this add-on in my free time, for fun and love of Azeroth. It is absolutely not necessary to send me a donation. Since I was now asked about a donation option, I set up PayPal. If you want, you are welcome to use the following link to make a PayPal donation, but: it is absolutely voluntary and not important for the further development of the add-on - thank you!

PayPal: battelgroundbuddy@icloud.com



There are similar add-ons, some have not been maintained for many years and so I decided to create such an add-on myself. Feel free to send feedback to battlegroundbuddy@icloud.com - thank you for your interest!

Thanks for your Support!

Nathan the Bear (PayPal)