DBM Battlestandards

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2016 Game Version: 6.2.3


Feb 4, 2016

Owner: Ersio_Silvermoon_EU

DBM Battlestandards helps you coordinate the use of the Alliance and Horde Battle Standards in PVP Battlegrounds by notifying the player whenever someone in their group uses a Battle Standard or the Battle Standard Expires. Both raid warnings and audio alerts are provided.

  • Shows a warning when a Battle Standard is placed in a PVP battleground
  • Shows a warning when a Battle Standard expires in a PVP battleground
  • Raid warning shows which player placed the Battle Standard
  • Shows a timer to let you know when the Battle Standard expires

Note for those who downloaded the original v1 Battleground Banners : You will need to delete the BattlegroundBanners folder from your addons folder manually when upgrading to v2


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