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Battle Pet Battle UI Tweaks is a collection of quality-of-life improvements for the pet battle UI.


Each of these tweaks can be turned on or off:

Round Counter: Display the number of the current round in the 'Vs' circle at the top of the battle UI.

Round Counter


Current Stats: Display the health percentage, power and speed of frontline pets beneath their health bars.

Current Stats


Health Ticks: Display ticks for important health threshholds on mouseover of frontline pet health bars.

Health Ticks


Key Binds: Bind the Forfeit, Pass and pet swapping buttons to keys 6, 7 and 1-3 respectively.

Key Binds


Enemy Abilities: Display enemy abilities and their cooldown at the bottom of the battle UI.

Enemy Abilities


To turn any tweak on or off:
- Hit ESC until you get the game menu.
- Click Options.
- Click AddOns tab.
- Click Battle Pet UI Tweaks.


- This addon was originally called Battle Pet Battle Stats because it originally only had the 'Current Stats' feature. With the addition of a couple more tweaks, I've chosen to rename it to something more fitting. If you have the old Battle Pet Battle Stats installed, you can safely uninstall/remove it.
- If you have the addon Battle Pet Binds enabled, the Key Binds tweak is automatically turned off the first time this addon loads.
- Similarly, if you have the addon Derangement Pet Battle Cooldowns or PetTracker enabled, the Enemy Abilities tweak is turned off the first time this addon loads.