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Covenant/signature ability stays showing on extra action bar when dragged to some action bars

#1695 By  Alkerzor

Created Nov 23, 2020 Updated Nov 26, 2020


Expected: Covenant and signature abilities show up on "extra action button" until/unless you drag to your action bars.
Reality: Consistently works for some bars, consistently does not for some bars - unlike the "highlighting" of spellbook abilities that you don't have on your bars, which recognize all bars.


So far only tested with "demo" version of Weapons of Order / Summon Steward on Brewmaster monk while leveling in Bastion, but consistently reproducible. If I drag onto bar 4, the extra action button disappears. If I drag it to bar 9 instead, it continues to show on the Extra Action bar. Will check if also happening when I get to other zones covenants, and level 60, if not resolved before then. 

Nov 26, 2020

This is tracked entirely by the Blizzard default UI, I think it doesn't like using bars that would be used by stance swapping, ie. 7 to 10.


The behavior might be good for the default UI, but not so suited for mods. I'll see if I can maybe convince it to treat all bars the same.

Edited Nov 26, 2020

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