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Uploaded by nevcairiel
Uploaded Aug 10, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2
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MD5 eeb961e6c92023ecf5908c5daa509832
Supported WoW Classic Versions



4.8.3-17-g6617340 (2019-08-10)

Full Changelog

  • Build classic version first, so that the retail version is seen as "more recent"
  • Add Classic support to Double-Wide and Tripple-Stacked presets
  • Tweak bag bar position on classic
  • Fix default page for warrior beserker stance, and only use on Classic
  • Remove support for ButtonFacade, its been dead for years
  • Don't use LibDualSpec at all on classic
  • Avoid loading LibDualSpec on classic
  • Build a classic version
  • Add TOC version for classic
  • Handle XP/Rep bar on classic
  • Fix LuaCheck
  • Handle the MainMenuBarPerformanceBarFrame on classic
  • Improve positioning of micromenu and bag bar on classic (and Blizzard preset)
  • Warrior stances for classic
  • Disable talent frame hook on classic
  • Hide the MultiCastActionBar
  • Check if SpellFlyout actually exists

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