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Lua error fixes after patch 8.1.5 and removed "ItemButtonTemplate", works well with patch 8.2

#84 By  qenozis

Created Jul 13, 2019 Updated Jan 8, 2020


"ItemButtonTemplate" has been removed in patch 8.1.5, so to make this addon work again, replace phrase "Button" with "ItemButton" and  "ItemButtonTemplate" with "SecureActionButtonTemplate" in every CreateFrame() function in the file BankItems.lua, for example:


CreateFrame("Button", "BankItems_Item"..i, BankItems_Frame, "ItemButtonTemplate")


CreateFrame("ItemButton", "BankItems_Item"..i, BankItems_Frame, "SecureActionButtonTemplate")


There are 6 places to do this replacement and the addon is back to life. You can find them by searching phrase "ItemButtonTemplate" in the file. Save changes and reload your UI in game or relog.

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  Jul 13, 2019
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Jul 13, 2019

BankItems.lua file fix fixes

Or just download and replace the attached file in the installed addon directory (but leave the original name of the file "BankItems.lua", uploading here makes the name lowercase unfortunately).

Jul 29, 2019

 Thanks for this! Your fix works brilliantly!

Sep 14, 2019

awesome thanks, the people who responded to my issue i guess forget that some people (like me) really don't know too much about lua, and as such leave out what to them would be obvious details, this fixed it, thanks again!

Jan 8, 2020

This fix is also laid out in #79 if anyone wants another source/detailed way to go about fixing this

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