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BadBoy is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues or missed spam there: https://github.com/funkydude/BadBoy

Why so many updates?

BadBoy has become popular, spammers have taken notice. As soon as new updates come out, spammers attempt to get around the new filters. People will either complain about missing spam or too many updates, it's not a situation where I can make both sets of people happy. I highly recommend using the Twitch addon updater.

  • Blocking & reporting spam: gold, hack, phishing, account trading, runescape gold trading, casino, illegal item selling, etc...
  • Spam is removed from: LFG tool, Chat, Chat bubbles.
  • A 20 line chat buffer/throttle to prevent people spamming the same message one after another.
  • Configuration screen by typing /badboy

The following are not scanned and cannot be reported/blocked by this addon: Friends, Real ID friends, Guild, Party, Raid, GM's. The following channels are monitored: Trade, General, Yell, Whispers.