Azeroth Auto Pilot

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Azeroth Auto Pilot is a Speed leveling addon for World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth
If you plan on getting from 20 to 120 as fast as possible this is the addon for you.


20-100 Paths are balanced around Warmode and Heirlooms!


Start: Orgrimmar / Stormwind


Made for flying: 60 > 100


- 20-120 Horde (Done)

- 20-120 Alliance (Done)



* Skips cutscenes

* Can use hotkey or macro to use quest-items (Keybinds / AddOns)

* Shows you where to go (Arrow)

* Tells you what to do (Quest Objective Windows)

* Asks if you want to do group quests

* Auto takes flightpaths on questpath

* Auto talk to npcs

* Auto pickup and handin quests

* Shows button for quests with useable-items


Horde need to have Goblin Glider Kit (40x or so)



20-60 Alliance path:
Stormwind > Redridge Mountains > Duskwood > Northern Stranglethorn > Western Plaugelands > Loch Modan > Wetlands

20-60 Horde path:
Orgrimmar > Azshara > Orgrimmar > Undercity > Tirisfal Glades > Silverpine Forest > Hillsbrad Foothills > Tirisfal Glades > Western Plaguelands > Eastern Plaguelands > Northern Stranglethorn

60-80 Alliance path:
Stormwind > Borean Tundra > Dragonblight > Grizzly Hills > Zul'Drak > Stormwind > Zangarmarsh

60-80 Horde path:
Orgrimmar > Borean Tundra > Dragonblight > Grizzly Hills > Zul'Drak > Orgrimmar > Zangarmarsh > Nagrand

80-90 Alliance path:
Stormwind > Mount Hyjal > The Jade Forest > Kun-Lai Summit > Townlong Stepps

80-90 Horde path:
Orgrimmar > Mount Hyjal > The Jade Forest > Kun-Lai Summit

90-100 Alliance path:
Stormwind > Wod Intro > Shadowmoon Valley > Gorgrond > Talador

90-100 Horde path:
Orgrimmar > Wod Intro > Frostfire Ridge > Gorgrond > Talador > Shadowmoon Valley





/aap or go thru interface/addons
You can set scale of every window seperate,
set their alpha and lock position or hide what window you don't want,
and turn on/off skipping cutscenes.


Holding Ctrl temporary disables auto-gossip/handin of quests/pickup of quests/skip movies
If you get stuck or someting you can skip steps, tho its not recomended:
/aap skip
If you wanna reset quest steps for the zone:
/aap reset

Feature requests or bugs:
Please post on curse addon page or curseforge.


AAP Discord at:


Special Thanks

BrutallStatic - Twitch streamer who helped me alot with routes and testing for 110-120, you should check his stream out.

Teddyruxpins - Brutalls friend.

DesMephisto - Works alot on leveling routes helped me out with routes for 20-100, you should check him out.


About me:

I made ConsLegion, so this is ConsLegion 2.0 :)
Im Zyrraél on Twisting Neather-Eu.


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